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Chapter 10: Lightweights pt. 2

You woke up in the morning trying to recollect what on earth had happened. You had no idea how all the boys were brought back in one piece - but somehow (you thanked your lucky stars) you all made it back safe and sound. The moment you got out of bed it finally dawned on you that Kevin had helped bring the boys back, so you reminded yourself to thank him as soon as you saw him.

You wrapped your dressing gown around you before walking out into the living room yawning.

'Ah, Kyungsoo-shi, good morning.' You bowed politely realising Kyungsoo had walked out of his room, still wearing pyjamas and rubbing his eyes awake. You didn't even care if you looked horrible or were in your pyjamas at this point - regardless of how little you drank; your head still ached a bit and your appearance wasn't first on your list of priorities...

'Morning y/n-shi.' Kyungsoo replied bowing slightly before yawning and reaching the kitchen.

'Should we make some breakfast since they're going to wake up soon and be in pain.' Kyungsoo said reaching some pots and pans out of the cupboard.

'Yeah sure - jeez how are you not in any pain - you really are opposite to lightweight Kyungsoo-ah, oh I mean Kyungs-'

'It's fine.' Kyungsoo cut in placing a pan on the stove.

'What?' You choked on your saliva.

'Kyungsoo-ah is fine.' Kyungsoo replied shrugging his shoulders and rubbing his eyes once again before cracking some eggs into a pan.
'Ahhhhhhh my head.' Yixing shuffled into the kitchen wearing a maroon hoodie over some trackie bottoms; his eyes looked swollen, he refused to open them up to more than slits; you guessed he hadn't fully adjusted to the light yet.

'Goodmorning Yixing-shi.' You bowed politely at the poor boy who bowed painfully slowly while rubbing his head and pouting. He stood opposite you and Kyungsoo, resting against the kitchen counter and rubbing his temples.

You bit your bottom lip;

'Don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh.' You thought repeatedly; you couldn't help but think Yixing looked so cute when he was moody in the morning, you didn't want to say or do anything that would set him off.

'Uhhh who made me drink so much last night... I don't remember anything.' Yixing muttered trying to blink himself awake and failing. He kept his eyes closed and furrowed his eyebrows in pain.

You shrugged your shoulders pretending not to know.

'Jongdae.' Kyungsoo stated unblinkingly before sliding fried eggs onto a plate.

You turned to see Yixing's expression; afraid he'd be in a rage.

'Aish that boy.' Yixing groaned frustratedly while you handed him some tea.

'Thank you y/n-shi.' Yixing said bowing politely, however he scrunched his nose up in the pain of lowering his head and raising it; feeling unbalanced.

'No problem.' You replied biting back a giggle.

'Ah you're all awake.' Kevin's familiar voice grew louder as he approached you three.

'Good morning Kevin.' You said in English smiling at Kevin brightly; he too looked in the same shape as you and Kyungsoo. Kevin smiled back, looking at Yixing who sipped on his tea slowly, trying to get used to a taste other than alcohol on his tongue.

'Ah Duizhang.' Yixing said in Mandarin, not looking at Kevin while he closed his eyes and drank.

'Did you sleep ok? You look awful.' Kevin replied grinned, showing his teeth.

'I didn't want to wake up, I feel terrible.' Yixing replied sounding annoyed that Kevin had pointed out he was not looking his best.

You loved this annoyed side of Yixing; watching these two reminded you of an old, snappy married couple - you held in the chuckles softly.

You remembered what you wanted to say to Kevin:

'Oh by the way Kevin, thanks so much for helping me last night, I feel so bad though; it was also you chance to drink and instead I forced you to-'

'-No you didn't force me to do anything ita fine, I don't drink anyway remember?' Kevin interrupted, refusing you to take responsibility and feel guilty for the night.

You pressed your lips together unsurely before nodding slowly and watching Yixing sip his tea, unable to look up at Kevin until you calmed down.

'Kyungsoo-ah, that looks really good.' Kevin said in delight, peering over at the food that was being produced. Yixing tried his best to try and not look nauseated by breakfast.

You moved over to Kyungsoo and helped crack some more eggs and fry some bacon.

'Thank you, it won't be long till it's done, you can sit down.' Kyungsoo suggested tilting his head over to the dining table.

'Ah ok, I'll be back.' Kevin replied walking out of the kitchen and back to his bedroom.
Slowly yet surely the boys proceeded to shuffle out of their rooms one-by-one unwillingly. Everyone looked in a lot pain.

Even Jongdae and Luhan looked in agony as they said their good mornings and slumped onto the couch, nonetheless they did look damn pleased with themselves looking back on the previous night's events....

'Good morning Sehun-shi... woah...' Your sentence drifted off watching Sehun walk into the living room with a face like death. He looked like the word 'Hangover' had been personified. You shrinked back and clamped your teeth together to suppress any signs of laughter, knowing full well it was pretty much your fault Sehun was even in this state.

'Morning.' Sehun mumbled looking unamused.

Jongin entered the room straight after Sehun; he looked equally as bad as Sehun if it weren't for the fact that he even managed to pull of a hangover look immaculately. His bed head and baggy pants with a tank top worked perfectly - you couldn't help but look away otherwise he'd catch you staring.

'Do you want some food?' You asked politely, trying to distract yourself with food.

'Food!?' Sehun's voice hitched in panic upon smelling the scrambled eggs Kyungsoo brought out and set on the table right at the moment.

'BL-' Sehun slapped his hands across his mouth tightly and ran to the bathroom.

'Aish... I'll go help him.' Jongin face palmed before following Sehun to the toilet.

'Ha ha, lightweight.' Luhan and Jongdae chuckled together while they rubbed their temples, leaning over to the table to grab some toast before munching on it slowly.

Junmyeon walked out of his room groaning and rubbing his back before sitting down next to Jongdae and Luhan on the sofa.

'Good morning~' Minseok said sitting down next to you and pouring himself some cereal.

'Good morning Minseok-shi, how are you so chipper today? You were absolutely gone last night.' You asked, confused at how bright and alert Minseok looked.

'Well since I was a snoozy drunk last night, I technically have had at least 12 hours of sleep, so I feel great.' Minseok replied chowing down on his cereal merrily.

'Oh I see, that does make a lot of sense...' You said wide-eyed, staring at Minseok in disbelief.

'Yah that's so unfair - I feel like a train wreck right now and Minseok looks as if he could go bungee-jumping right now.' Luhan pouted angrily.

'Well what can I say?' Minseok shrugged leaning forward and spooning cornflakes into his mouth.

'Well Junmyeon over here is a life saver since I'm pretty sure we'd be stuck having to sell our souls to pay the extortionate bill from last night.' Jongdae exclaimed slapping Junmyeon on the back and rubbing it.

'Yeah thanks a lot for that.' Kevin said nodding over at Junmyeon who looked incredibly confused.

'Sorry what are you talking about?' Junmyeon winced and then smiled after being slapped on the back by a happy Jongdae.

'Oh it's nothing; just if you get a random angry call from your dad close to the end of the month; it has nothing to do with us.' Jongdae replied chuckling cheekily.

Junmyeon nodded, he didn't have enough energy to query further on last night's activities, he was just happy enough to be accepted by the boys.

'Where's Tao?' You asked feeling confused and scanning the room for him.

The boys looked at each other nervously - especially Jongdae and Luhan.

'What?' You asked confused; your eyes darted back and forth between them.

'Well... no one ever likes to wake Tao up because...' Luhan looked at Jongdae nervously.

'Because he's terrifying to wake up - that boy doesn't learn wushu for nothing. One time I kicked him accidently in my sleep...' Jongdae's sentence got stuck in his throat remembering an old memory. Both he and Luhan shuddered.

'Kevin you go; you're the only one he won't beat up.' Jongdae stuttered gulping at the end of his sentence.

'No, there's no way I'm going to take my chances, he'll just come when he comes-'

'Duizhang...' You all turned around to see Zitao rubbing his sleepy eyes and pouting; however his eyebags looked especially dark today; it was mostly likely the effects of a hangover.

'What?' Kevin asked sipping on some orange juice.

'My head hurts and I'm tired.' Tao whined and pouted some more. It was only then you realised Tao was holding on to some plushie he must have taken with him from bed.

Jongdae and Luhan held each other terrified, eyeing Tao in fear.

'Have some breakfast and you'll feel better, do you want some orange juice?' Kevin asked offering his glass to Tao.

'No...' Tao replied shaking his head slowly and sitting down opposite you.

'Morning y/n.' Tao said; it was way to early in the morning for him to think about speaking in Korean, let alone using honorifics.

'M-morning.' You gulped your sip of water down nervously before replying - scared Zitao would start shouting or whining like he did last night. But the more Tao ate, the more he became his normal cute self; asking you for soup and bread, that was when Jongdae and Luhan finally relaxed.

'Yep, here.' You replied handing him over a bowl of soup; you couldn't help but feel cheerful taking care of Tao.

Sehun finally re-emerged from the bathroom with Jongin in front of him. Jongin sat on the other couch, playing on his phone absentmindedly.

'Jongin-shi are you going to eat?' You asked concerned over Jongin's thin frame.

'A hangover meal will do you good.' Kyungsoo said sitting down next to Tao and eating some egg on toast.

'I'm ok, after seeing Sehun throw up, I'm not feeling like food right now.' Jongin replied shivering slightly upon remembering what he'd seen a few moments ago in the bathroom.

'Yeah jeez Sehun you were a mess last night.' You chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

'No thanks to Jongdae hyung.' Sehun replied in less than a whisper about to sit down next to you, you snorted trying to hold back the laughter that wanted to come out.

'Oh yeah, even y/n-shi had to take you to the toilet!' Luhan replied laughing quietly.

Sehun immediately froze before sitting down. He turned to you in horror.

'What?' Sehun stated more than asked in shock - he began to start sweating profusely, terrified he'd spilled the beans and said something to you he shouldn't have...

You weren't sure why Sehun was so panicky, but you decided to lighten the mood to relax him.

'Haha you're such a friendly drunk Sehun-ah.' You said slapping him on the back gently before giggling and taking a spoonful of cereal into your mouth.

'Sehun-ah?' Jongdae asked confused by the name change. Even Sehun looked confused by it.

'You don't remember? You said call me Sehun-ah? Oh I feel stupid-'

'No, no it's ok... I think I remember.' Sehun replied, his ears turned a subtle shade of pink before he bit down on some toast.

'What, what else did Sehun do last night in thay toilet?' Jongdae asked quizzically; even the other boys in the room etched in to hear what you would say.

'Haha nothing happened!' You squeaked, laughing the question off, but an idea popped into your head...

'However... with Jongdae-shi-'

'-WOAH NOTHING HAPPENED!' Jongdae interrupted your change of topic, standing up and waving his hands before settling himself and sitting back down. You smirked in victory to yourself.

'W-wait - oh my- I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I GOT THESE BUT SEHUN I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF YOU LAST NIGHT THROWING UP HAHAHAAHAH!!' Jongin started laughing like a hyena; crying his eyes out in hysterics lookong at his media gallery on his phone and dying.

Sehun just groaned in confusion and frustration before resting his head in his hands.

'HAHA LET ME SEE!' Jongdae skipped over to Jongin and plopped down next to him, attempting to take the phone to see the hilarious evidence of Sehun's misery from last night.

'No, can't even-' Sehun said trying to swallow the toast he had bitten from. His stomach felt unsettled and threatened to give in again. Sehun quickly stood up before rushing to the bathroom once more.

Jongdae and Luhan just laughed along with Jongin.

'Well if you call Sehun, Sehun-ah, then you can call me Jongdae.' Jongdae said puffing his chest out and pointing to himself.

'Well you can call me Luhan.' Luhan added in eagerly. They looked like two puppies waiting to be petted by their master.

'Ok... Jongdae... Luhan.' You said trying hard not to feel embarrassed, however on the inside your heart swelled with joy knowing you were now on this friendship level with these boys.

'Morning Chanyeol-ah.' You said spotting this incredibly tall boy emerge from his room like a bear coming out of hibernation.

'Wait, when did you start calling him Chanyeol-ah?' Jongdae asked equally as confused to this name change as Luhan was, but Chanyeol seemed in too much pain to notice or care or even remember how he'd gotten to this level of friendship with you.

'Ahhh, well I don't want to be left out, call me Yixing.' Yixing said finally waking up a little from his earlier fatigue. You nodded; unable to try out the nickname because your mouth was full of food.

'Uhhhhh... Why is there a bike in our room?' Chanyeol moaned in his low voice, walking out of his bedroom and sitting down next to you; grabbing some cereal and stuffing it into his mouth from the packet before gurgling down some milk and rubbing his head in agony.

'I actually have no clue.' Junmyeon replied finding it extremely painful trying to remember.

You grinned into your spoonful, absolutely dying on the inside from holding in the laughter.

'Aish why does my butt hurt so much.' An absolutely shattered Baekhyun groaned walking into the open living room, rubbing his ass and wincing, his eyes were half open from fatigue.

Before Baekhyun could even react; Jongdae had appeared from behind him and pulled down Baekhyun's pants slightly to reveal bruises along his butt.

'HAHAHAHA it's got imprints of railings on it!' Jongdae laughed loudly; causing the rest of the boys with hangovers to clamp their hands over their heads and grit their teeth. Even Kevin groaned and rubbed his temples in response to Jongdae's loud laughter.

You burst out laughing; chocking in your cereal in the process.

These boys


Congrats! Everyone is friends with everyone, and from here om out, it only gets better and better the closer you get with the boys!

But be warned; feelings will get in the way~~~

Stay tuned!!

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