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Back with another chapter! I'm happy to see people reading it and liking it. so I want to make a side note.( I have no idea what Mathews grandma's name is, I just picked out a name. )
okay onto the story

Chapter 2 By mid afternoon I was done with the pizza and had one wrapped up and ready to go over. I left kookoo with a dog treat and headed in the direction of Mathews grandma's house. The door opened to the little old lady who was smiling at me. “I wanted to thank you for the food yesterday and return the favor. I made homemade pizza for you to enjoy” I told her. “Well you are a sweetheart” she pinched my cheek. “Come in I'll let you set that on the kitchen counter” she said stepping back “Oh I don't want to impose” I said taken aback. “Nonsense. Would you like a cup of coffee, I just made a pot” she said. Temptress! coffee was a weakness. “Maybe just a cup” I smiled. “Good, and we can chat. Your mother told me how you babysit animals for a living but are studying to be a vet” she started. “That’s pretty much sums it up I guess” I shrugged. After that I was there for an hour talking to Ester about myself and she talked about her grandson Mathew and how he was in a band in Korea that was just taking off. I found I really liked Ester, she was sweet and sounded like she didn't get many family visits. Mathew had been off to the gym for the majority of the morning, like the last 3 days he had been here. When I heard the front door opened I looked over to see mathew entering. Speaking of the man and he will appear . .   eventually. “Hi grandma, Im back” he called out taking ear buds out of his ears. “We're in the kitchen” Ester called out. “We?” He paused than headed for the kitchen. “Oh you have Kia over” he said shocked. “Well yes dear,  I was just telling her about your band in Korea you joined” she said. “Its not a band grandma, it’s a group we sing no instruments” he explained. “KPOP?” I perked up. “I listen to some of those groups” I chipped in. Mathew looked surprised by it. “You do?” he leaned against the doorway crossing his arms over his chest. I groaned mentally really wishing he had put on a shirt, but in the same breath admiring that chest of his. “Yup, I’m scattered musically” I shrugged. “Dear go change clothes and come have some lunch” Ester told him. Of course grandma would say that. Mathew rolled his eyes but said he would be right back and followed instructions like a good grandson. “I should probably get going, I’ve left kookoo alone for a while now” I said standing up. “Oh but you just got here” she stood up. I looked at the clock on the wall. “I’ve been here for an hour already” I chuckled. “Really? Time went by so fast” she smiled. Ester walked me to the front door just as mathew emerged from a room. “Where are you going?” Mathew asked. “I’m heading out” I said. “Oh i thought you would be sticking around” he sounded disappointed by it. I watched a twinkle in Esters eye appear which had me worried all of a sudden. “Mathew dear, Kia has been gone for a while and doesn’t know this area anymore why don’t you be nice and take her out tonight, you both could use a friend your own age” She patted my hand. “I haven’t been back in a while either grandma” he said making me roll my eyes, he clearly didn’t realize what his grandma was trying to do. “I haven’t been out just to have fun in a while, sound interesting.” I looked at him and smiled sweetly. “What do you say? Want to go out on the town tonight?” I asked. He stood there, slowly a sexy ass grin appeared on his face. “Sounds like fun, I’ll pick you up around 7” he said. I swear my heart jumped in my chest all the way up to my throat. “Okay” I breathed out. I’m not entirely sure how I got back home but my mind blanked from leaving Ester’s home to getting to mine. I was going to be going out with Mathew tonight.

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