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Hello ELF and other Super Junior fans!! We, ELFs at Vingle, are very excited to announce that we are going to have an event for our Super Junior Oppa-deul to let them know just how much we love them!! Let's show that ELF is the most enthusiastic and passionate K-pop fan in the world! All Super Junior fans will not only win great Super Junior exclusive merchandise, but also meet more new ELFs and together, share our love to Super Junior! Prizes for the winners! Thank you to Vingle for providing the following gifts: Super Junior postcards, pic cards, stickers, clear files, posters, calendar, and for the first winner!!! 1 Super Junior Collection Card 10 Pack Starcard/Tradecard (which will be published on June 29!!). What to do: Post cards with Super Junior related content, such as fan art, fan fiction, pictures, letters, or fan videos etc. by July 22th 23:59:59 GMT. Be creative! 1) Join and LIKE the Super Junior Party (http://www.vingle.net/Super-Junior)  2) Click on the “Add/Post a card” and upload your content.  3) Enter “Super Junior” in the party tag field. Winners will be announced at noon on July 23th, so be sure to check at http://www.vingle.net/Super-Junior How to win: The winner will be selected based on the sum of the most LIKES, views, comments, clips and Facebook/Twitter shares from all your cards. Tips:  The more cards you post, the more chances you have to win. (IMPORTANT: EVERYONE KNOWS DUPLICATES SUCK!)  It will help to spread your cards through Facebook, Twitter, and all other K-pop/Super Junior related sites.  Contest entries must abide by Vingle’s standard rules for posting. (http://www.vingle.net/posts/5601) Don't forget to LIKE Super Junior (http://www.vingle.net/Super-Junior) & K-pop (http://www.vingle.net/k-pop) Parties. Also DON’T forget to write the reason why u love Super Junior and your favorite member on this card before you leave to prove that you all really love them!
@erlindafishy Terima Kasih :) ditunggu ya card-cardnya yang lain :)
oh bgtu...okok.terimaksh pada vingle yg telah menyediakan party2 menarik
karena banyaknya jumlah peserta dan card, kami masih dalam tahap kalkulasi sekarang. Untuk para penmenang akan kami umumkan segera. Terima kasih atas kesabarannya :)
ni kan dah tgl 24 tp kok pengumuman pemenangnya ku ga tahu?apa ku yg ketinggalan berita?
Lee teuk,
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