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Why BigHit??!!!!😭😭😭 "The Note"

English translations⤵

13 June YEAR 22

When we returned from the sea, we were all alone. We didn't contact each other as if we had planned to do that. The graffiti left in the streets, the convenience store with bright lights and the sound of the piano from an old building was all there was to feel each other's existence.
At those times, the after images of that night came to life again like an illusion. Taehyung's eyes that looked like fire dripping from his eyes, the looks towards me as if they've heard an unbelievable story, Namjoon's hand that was holding Taehyung back, and I who threw a punch at Taehyung without being able to endure. There was no one left at the dorm of the sea after failing to find Taehyung who ran away. Broken glass cups, blood stains that were starting to dry & crushed chips were the only things that awoke me of what happened hours before. In between that, a photo was fallen onto the floor. We were all laughing together within the photo which had the background of the sea. Today again, I passed the gas station. The day will come when we meet again. There will be a day where we laugh together like in the photo. There will be a day when I can gain courage to fully face myself. However now, it wasn't the time. Today the wind blew like that day. At the next moment, like a warning my phone rang. The picture placed on the room mirror shook. Hoseok's name appeared on the screen. "Hyung. Jungkook got into a car accident that night"

Thank you @destiny98 for translating it

When you think BigHit is done but then they post this!!!!! I swear I'm not crying

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Same! And I wasn't ready for this
wtf I knew it but I wasn't ready for this
My hearts going to die. My hearts strings are going to rip I swear.
All of us knew it!! Damn, this is going to be intense, everything connected and hopefully it shows us all what it means
I don't know what I'm reading..... can't believe it..
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