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Hello again ARMYs and Agust D stans!!

Anthony here bringing you day 7 of my Agust D 1 Year Anniversary Event!! Where I talk about each track of Agust D's, aka Suga of BTS, mixtape!!
Again, sorry it's late. I'm going to catch up today.
In case you missed the previous cards:
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Today I'll be going over track 7:

"마지막 (The Last)"

#1 SONG ON ALBUM!!! ...imo... haha
This is my favorite track on here. Oh my god I could fanboy over this one all fcking day.... (×_×;)
*heavy breathing*
Okay but seriously, everything about this song is amazing. The compostion... lyrics... beat.. his rapping... everything... ಥ_ಥ


Like I said, my favorite song on this mixtape. He talks about how much he's been through to get to where he is. His mental health and some of the results of it. His parents don't know him cause how can anyone know him without him knowing himself? Then he says how his cold facade turned into self-respect over time. Now, thousands of people do exactly what he says with one hand movement. (on stage). Now, no one can stop him.
Stay tuned tomorrow for track 8: "Tony Montana" (feat. Yankie)
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when I first listened to this song, I had to take a break from listening to it because I was crying so hard xD but then I came back and I read the lyrics. and I'm so proud of how far he's come and that song gives me so much inspiration and gosh he's so amazing
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ikr? that's something I've always admired about K-pop. is you don't even have to read the lyrics to know and feel what's going on. there's so much emotion behind their music it's amazing and they help us out so much with out even realizing it. and he is. he really just is so amazing. 😭
Crying real tears...again, Min Yoongi is Pure Gold