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Well thats one group down and a wonder transition to the next.
TVXQ! which i have in this folder as DBSK. ahh those were the days. when I was confused about how to look for them online and it taking a few days to realize DBSK, Tohoshinki, and TVXQ were the same group. Cuz Youtube and Google weren't as big way back in the early 2000's.
Man I'm old.
Interesting. I stan them just as hard as BIGBANG but have less pics. Especially of Junsu! I love Junsu! Like, I'd throw my bestie into traffic just to stop it to meet Junsu!
checks date of last edit to this folder
april 2013
ooooohhhhhhhhhh. The rest are in all my phone dump folders! no!
oh well. I'll continue with this folder anyway.