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Random now.

First up is Ajoo. He was (is?) an SM Artist. He had 2 title songs "Paparazzi" and "Wealthy 2nd Generation" you should check them out. Jaejoong from TVXQ/JYJ was in one of the videos (don't remember which)
Next we have Choi Siwon from Super Junior. I stanned him for a hot second and then....meh. it was a torrid short lived love. He's still smexy tho.
Next is Crown J. He's had some scandals (I think one was for drugs/weed). He was on 'We Got Married' paired with Seo In-Young (of the original Jewelry). Y'all should check out their stuff. Seriously, take a walk back into 1st/2nd-ist gen K-pop.
Next we have Daniel Henney!! I wish he was more famous!!! He was in the k-Drama "My Lovely Samsoon!" (my absolute fave k-drama ever!), Um he was in that bad "Wolverine" movie, he was in an U.S medical drama. Anywho He's been in some stuff and I'm pretty sure he models.
RAIN! Muthafrikkin RAIN!!! Jung JiHoon! 1st/2nd gen K-popper!
Starred in K-drama: "I'm a cyborg but thats ok." Was in "Speed Racer". Starred in "Ninja Assasin"! Was in K-drama "The Fugitive: Plan B". In a movie called "The Prince" with Bruce Willis and John Cusack. Starred in a musical drama called "My Lovely Girl" opposite F(Krystal)
Boy entered the Chinese market with film "For love or Money"
Boy got married to Kim Taehee
And lastly Vanness Wu. Member of Taiwanese boyband F4 and Korean Mandopop duo Kangta&Vanness. Look him up!
Sooo, that was that entire folder. I have pictures of other groups and artists but I guess I got tired of moving them to my SMEXYness folder.
Here are the other cards in case you missed them: