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'More Than Friendship...' by farleythewill, Chapter 20

A Mystic Messenger fanfic by farleythewill; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop him some kudos if you like it!

Chapter Summary:
Finally. The moment has come. Jaehee has come in contact once again with the man she once deemed as her idol: Zen. With your lifeless body on the floor, the brunette's rage overpowers her mind, starting the fight that ultimately determines the fate of not only you and Jaehee, but Zen as well. Elsewhere, V reveals parts of the truth about Mint Eye, and Seven chases after Saeran, who has fled from the scene.

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

Chapter 20: The Gloves Come On

    Seven remains motionless once on his feet, never letting his yellow eyes leave the gaze they are emitting towards the young man, tears slowly trickling down his cheeks. "Why...why are you here..." he finally asks, as the young man's eyes continue to shift around, as if he was panicking.

    "Why...why on Earth do you have to be right here, right now! You weren't supposed to appear just like that! You bastard...after all this time...you just have to slam yourself into me, coming into my world without a plan!" the young male thinks to himself, attempting to gather him thoughts and willpower together, bringing himself back to reality. "Come on, Saeran...just remember that he means nothing to you...he's the reason you are who you are...he's the traitor...he's your enemy...he...can't be left alive!"

    Taking in a deep breath, Saeran's eyes lower, as a small smirk appears across his lips, forcing his eyes upon Seven's. "...it took you awhile to come here, huh, Luciel?" he asks, brushing a strand of hair from his face.

    Seven reaches his arm towards Saeran, as if he wishes to embrace him. "S-Saeran...why...why are you here? V...he said that he and Rika would take care of yo-" he begins to let out, before being harshly cut off.

    "Don't you dare say her name like that! You have no right to do so!" Saeran shouts out, before taking another breath. "You...cannot speak about her. She did take care of me, in more ways than one...she told me about her ideal future...and I wish to bring it to a reality! That's why you all are here...so you can join us...why do you think I've been trying to get your attenion all this time?" he follows up, returning his smirk back to his lips.

    Seven curls his open hand into a fist, swinging it backwards, opening it back up once it's behind him. "I already figured out that you were the hacker, Saeran! But, why?! Why are you here?! Why does Rika have anything to do with this!?"
    The mint-eyed male shakes his head, softly chuckling, bringing a warm smile across his face. "Oh, you have no idea...but, alas, I cannot tell you. You have to find out for yourself...but, I will say...you won't be part of Magenta. You will be long gone before that happens, I assure it..."

    "Saeran, please...you don't have to live like this way anymore..." Seven responds, the tears from his eyes growing, finally dripping onto the solid white floor. "Please...you have no idea how long I've been wanting to see you...I wanted to save you...I wanted us to live a normal life...please, come back to us...come back to me, bro-"

    Before he knew it, the force of a closed fist crashes against his cheek, forcing his body to the ground. "No! You don't get to use that word, Luciel! Not after all this time! You...we...we aren't that anymore! You betrayed me! You left me with that psychotic bitch! You...you..." Saeran yells out, his eyes once again shifting around, as if in a rage. He then looks around, seeing Zen confront Jaehee, then stares at your lifeless body, his teeth grinding. His attention then goes back to Seven, whose gaze pierces into his soul, as if he is a deer caught in headlights.

    "I...I'm sorry, my maiden...I...I..." Saeran thinks to himself, and quickly turns his body, and begins to run away from the group. Seven quickly gets up, and begins to chase after him, before Yoosung's voice rings in his ear.

    "What...what should we do, Seven?" the blonde boy asks, confused on what is happening. Shawn nods in agreement, awaiting for a command.

    "I'll take care of him! Just...make sure that none of the guards get passed here! As for Jaehee...she can take care of herself. Just make sure no one else interferes, got it!?" Seven lets out, before dashing towards the direction the mint-eyed male ran to. Nodding, Shawn turns towards the opening they came from, with Yoosung turning as well, before giving a concerned glance at Jaehee.

    In an instant, Jaehee swings her left fist towards Zen, with all of her stength. With grace, Zen dodges the attack, a soft smile still allowing itself across his lips. The facial expression changes quickly, as Jaehee's punch is followed by a swift jab of her right fist, into his stomach.

    In a soft groan, Zen clenches his stomach, and steps back, waiting intensively for her next attack. "Come now, Jaehee...you can hit harder than that," he lets out, his grin returning back to it's former glory.

    "You...you bastard...you have no idea what you have coming to you..." the woman responds, as she focuses her strength into her bare leg, swinging it around, pivoting all of her weight to her grounded foot. On instinct, Zen blocks the kick with his forearm, staggering his steps, but quickly wraps his arm around her ankle.

    He then forces his free hand against her inner thigh, forcing her body off-balance. She falls to the ground, a soft cry emitting from her mouth due to the impact. "Please...I know your background, Jaehee. You can do a lot better than that...it's a little sad to see, actually...someone with a black belt should easily beat me...but, I guess you don't love her as much as I thought you did..." he says, tauntingly.

    Breathing heavily, Jaehee rises to her feet, her arm gripping across her stomach. The short-haired male takes notice, and smiles devilishly. "Oh, right...your injury. I almost forgot how much I kicked her ass earlier. I'm quite surprised that you can still move, after that beating I gave you..."

    Jaehee's eye twitches, as she grips her stomach tighter. "'Beating?' That was no beating...what you did to me...to Cream...was beyond brutal..." she responds, slowly walking towards her opponent. Her amber eyes flashed with anger, as her hands grip themselves into fists again.

    As quickly as she could, she attempts to punch her opponent, who easily dodges her attacks. One swing aiming for his shoulder, which was no longer there, once he lowered his body. Another swing aiming for his cheek, which shifted to the left, without being touched.

    Frustrated, Jaehee yells out, forcing both of her fists open, pushing Zen backwards. His feet stagger a bit, then collects himself back upright, his grin turning into a focused frown. "Come now, Jaehee...this is really starting to bore me. I know you have more fight in you...even with that injury. I can't properly end you without you showing me your full strength."

    Jaehee shakes her fist, the anger in her soul still enveloping inside her. She attempts to rotate her body, aiming for a roundhouse kick, directed to Zen's head. As she rose her heel up to his level, he easily grabs a hold of her, and throws her leg downward, as if brushing off the dirt from his shoulder.

    Staggering, Jaehee readies herself for her next attack. In the blink of an eye, she is met with Zen's elbow, impacting her neck, causing her to fall down to her knees. Grabbing hold of her neck, she begins to breathe heavily, attempting to gain more oxygen into her body.

    "Silly girl...you don't have the fight in you. You're pissed, I get it...but, I have something you don't have...and that is..." Zen begins, as he looks towards your body. "...her. I know that, deep down, she can love me. The only thing standing between me and that dream, is you, Jaehee. You need to be gone...and once I tell her that you're no longer here, she will be more than happy to accept my heart."

    Before he knows it, Jaehee is back to her feet, tears falling from her face. "Zen...why? Why are you doing this? We...we've never done anything to make you hate us! So, why? Why now?! Why this?! Please, answer!" Jaehee asks, sobbing in between her words.

    Zen sighs, kneeling down, looking at your lifeless body once again. "It's simple, you idiot. I love her, but she can't love me until you're gone. I've always loved her, but I was always in your shadow. Every time I tried to express myself, you were there to take her away from me. It..." he pauses, slamming his fist against the floor,"...wasn't fair! I deserve happiness! So, why? Why can't I get my happiness?! She gave me that, but you...you..."

    The short-haired man lifts his head, allowing Jaehee to see the tears forming in his eyes. "You...were always there for her, Jaehee...and she was there for you...you two...have something that I wanted...that I want..." he begins to cry out, causing Jaehee's heart to crack.

    "Zen...I...I never saw you like this...is this why you've acted this way? I...I can't forgive you for what you've done...I still hate you for hurting me, as well as Cream. But...why do I feel sad? This...has to be an act. Zen's an actor, so this must be it...but, it's so convincing..." Jaehee contemplates, standing her guard.

    "Please...I...God...what do I do, what do I do..." Zen begins to speak to himself, grabbing his short, white hair, focusing his gaze to the floor, below his head. "My heart...it's about to burst...what's going on?! This...this isn't the feeling I wanted! Why...why is this happening!?"

    Another soft, gentle cough comes from your mouth, causing both Jaehee and Zen to turn your direction. "C-Cream! Are you alright!? Please, say something!" the woman lets out, gently letting her emotions fill her voice.


    As those two syllables left your lips, Jaehee's eyes widen, thankful that you're still there, that you're still thinking of her. Her peripheral catches Zen rise to his feet, but was too focused on your body, happy to see that you're still conscious.

    In an instant, Jaehee feels the harsh impact of Zen's knee into her stomach, his original striking point several hours earlier. The same hit that caused Jaehee's strength to leave her. The brunette kneels down, coughing in pain, gripping her stomach.

    Zen then quickly moves behind her, kicking her in the back, causing her body to slide forward, towards your body, screams of pain emitting from her mouth. "I...almost forgot what I came here to do...I can't believe I almost thought of letting you go...but, that I cannot allow. You have to perish, right here, right now," he says sharply, his violent tone returning back to his being.

    Before he can move, Zen feels a soft push against his shoulder, from behind. "Hey! If you're going to rag doll anyone, rag doll me! Don't hurt her anymore, Zen!" A familiar face yells out, catching the attention of the red and mint-eyed male.

    Slowly turning his body, his eyes meet with Yoosung's, as the young male grits his teeth, his fists clenched tight. "You...you bastard...I can't believe you're doing this, Zen! After all that we've been through! The RFA! These two! You've been the most supportive of everyone! You...you're not Zen!" Yoosung lets out, angrily.

    Zen softly grins, his eyes emitting that of pleasure, shocking Yoosung. "You...you would never understand, you silly puppy. All you have done is talk about wanting Rika back...but, that's never going to happen...but, my beef is not with you," he says, pointing towards Jaehee's body. "It's with her. So, please, be a good little puppy, and don't interfere."

    As Zen turns back towards Jaehee, he feels a sharp pain enter his back, causing him to stagger forward. He quickly turns his head, anger fueling his eyes, as he stares at Yoosung's fist. "Why, you little shit...that kind of hurt...I'll make you pay," he yells out, running towards the young male.

    As Zen begins to assault Yoosung, Jaehee slowly crawls to your body, stopping so that her head is just inches from your own, staring at your closed eyes.

    "C-Cream...I'm here...please, stay with me..." she softly pleads, tears once again falling from her eyes. As you hear her words so clear, knowing she was close, you slowly open your eyes, allowing your gaze to focus onto her beautiful, amber irises.

    "Jae...hee...please...you have...to save...us..." you let out, causing your love's heart to jump, again happy to hear your voice, but also shocked.

    "Cream...what do you mean...by 'us?'" she asks you, wanting to wrap her arms around your body, but is unable to at the moment. All of her energy is drifting away from her, due to Zen's strikes, much like several hours ago.

    "I mean...save...me...and...Zen..." you let out, causing Jaehee's eyes to widen slightly, unable to understand your reasoning.

    Jumin rests his back against the wall, drowning out all of the chaos happening close by. "Okay, Jihyun. Please...tell me..." he says, in his usual, calm tone. His eyes never leave V's, attempting to figure out if his sight is really recovering or not.

    V smiles, folding his sunglasses onto his teal t-shirt. "Thank you...I've really made a mess of things, huh? But, before I can tell you what's going on, I need to tell you...about...her."

    Jumin's eyes widen slightly, attempting to understand his words. "What do you mean by...'her?' Do you mean...Rika?"

    V nods, closing his eyes. "Yes, Rika. She loves the RFA, just like I do...but, she had some...issues..."

    The black-haired male places his hand on V's shoulder, causing him to open his eyes, startling him. "It's okay, V. You can tell me...we deserve to know the truth."

    V smiles, nodding, feeling more secure about revealing his knowledge to his best friend. "Yes, you do. Rika had...mental issues. She always had a positive attitude, but deep down...she seemed like she was in turmoil, like she was depressed. Nothing I said would help her, even when it seemed it would...one day, we talked about what an ideal world would be for her...and what she told me, scared me."

    Jumin blinks, surprised to hear these words. "Rika, depressed? I find that hard to believe...but, please...continue..." he responds, folding his arms across his chest, closing his eyes.

    "Thank you, Jumin, but yes...she said she wanted a world without pain. I didn't know how to respond, but because she was...well, her...I agreed. What else could I have done? She kept going on about wanting to create a world perfect for everyone, one that no one would ever have to feel pain...though, on the same page...she kept trying to hurt...herself." V pauses, allowing a tear to fall from an eye.

    "Rika...hurting herself? This...doesn't make sense. Why would she do that...unless, she really was depressed...I've never learned about it, because of how I was raised, but if it's that bad...how did we not realize?" Jumin thinks to himself, still in shock from the news.

    V sighs, returning Jumin's attention towards him. "I know it's hard to believe, but yes...she was trying to hurt herself. I wanted to help...so...I told her that, if it made her feel better, that she could use me instead of herself. She could...hurt me," he says, pain in his voice.

    "One day...she took a...different tone. Like, she became a different person. I noticed that she started working on another project as well, while performing her duties to the RFA. I confronted her about her change in attitude, and she responded with...this..." V locks his eyes to Jumin's gaze, as he points to his face.

    Jumin tilts his head slightly, confused by what he meant. Finally, his eyes open wider, shock setting in on his face. "Your...eyes? She...no, there's no way...Rika would never have done that to you..." he responds, sorrow in his voice.

    V slowly lowers his head,  gritting his teeth. "Y-Yes, it's true...she...I don't want to say it...but, yes...she damaged my eyes. Her nails..." he closes his eyes, falling to his knees. "Rika...why...why did you have to do that...I know that I told you you could harm me...but, I never thought you would..."

    Jumin kneels down to his friend's level. "I...don't want to believe it, Jihyun...but, seeing you like this...it must be true." he lets out, before bringing V close to his body, wrapping his arms around his friend. "I'm sorry...that you had to go through that..."

    V quickly regains his grounds, and returns the embrace. "Thank you, Jumin...you were always there for me...but, there's more to say," he responds, opening his eyes. "It's about the other project she was working on at the time..."

    The black-haired male locks eyes on V, giving him his full attention. "Yes...what is it? Do you know what the project was?"

    "...is, Jumin. The project is still active. And...it's here," V answers, looking down at the floor. "...it's Magenta...Mint Eye. Mint Eye is her project. Rika...is the leader of Mint Eye."

    Jumin's eyes widen again, not for the news of Mint Eye, but of Rika. "Wait...'is?' What do you mean by that, Jihyun?! She's..."

    V responds with a simple nod. "...yes. She's...alive."

    Jaehee attempts to crawl closer to you, wanting to wrap her weak arms around your lifeless body, longing to comfort you. "Cream...what do you mean...by saving Zen?" she asks, still confused.

    Another soft cough emits from your lips, as you attempt to focus your gaze to her own. "I mean...Zen...he...he isn't him...self..." you close your eyes, the drugs in your system fighting to keep you at bay. "He...he was...brain...washed..."

    Jaehee blinks, trying to wrap the information in her head. "Zen...brainwashed? This...this makes sense, because of what he said earlier...he would never have hurt us, not like this...and, what he was talking about before he sucker-punched me again...I think that was the real Zen...I hope that...Cream is right...I want to believe that he isn't himself...but, it's difficult. Zen...he really hurt me...I...I don't know...what to do..." she thinks to herself, before she feels a soft object enter her hand.

    She looks down, and notices that you slipped your hand into her own. "Please, Jaehee...don't...do anything rash...I believe that Zen...can be saved..." you softly say, letting a softer smile show on your face.

    The smile itself is enough to give Jaehee a bit more strength. "But, Cream...Zen...he did this to me...to us...how can I save him, since he's hurt us?" she asks, tears forming again from her eyes.

    "Please...Jae...you need to save him...and me..." you respond, coughing again. "The...same thing they...did to him...they did...to me...they tried...to brainwash...me..."

    Jaehee's eyes widen, trying not to have her own tears form. "They...what?! They...tried to turn you into...that?"

    You slowly shake your head. "N-no...Zen...he tried...to convert me...without hurting me...but, every...time that I...thought about you...he went...crazy...he..." you paused, not wishing to tell your love of Zen's hands tightly wrapped around your neck multiple times.

    "He...what? Please...tell me..." Jaehee responds, her heart racing, wanting to hold and you, comfort you, and love you as much as she can.

    You close your eyes, sighing. "I...don't want...you to hate Zen...I know...he hurt you...us...but, I...know it wasn't...him...besides...their means...of brainwashing...involves drugs...a lot of drugs..."

    Jaehee's fingers intertwine with yours, trying to squeeze your palm as tight as she can. "Drugs? What...do you mean, hon?"

    "I...don't know...but, they...injected me...with the same...drugs as they did...with Zen...and they...were on their way...to save me, because...I was overdosed..." you continue, cringing in a bit of pain from the drugs. "Zen...accidentally...overdosed me...please...help us...I don't...Zen to hurt you anymore, and...I...don't want to...die..."

    Jaehee's tears begin to fall from her face, unbinding herself from her emotions. "C-Cream...you're...not going to...die. I'll make sure of...it...and, if you really want me...to save Zen...then I will...I...don't know how...but, I will...I'll get...you two...to a hospital...but, first..." she pauses, closing her eyes. "I...have to fight him. It's...the only thing I can do at the moment...I have to show him...how much I..."

    The brunette smiles, giving you the same look she gave you months ago, when she first gave you the key to her house. The first moment that you two met, in person. "I'll...finish that sentence...once you're safe. Cream...please...hold on for just a little longer..."

    You nod, smiling, taking your hand from her grasp, and slides it along her arm, softly caressing it. "Of course, silly...I know that...you'll rescue me...I...can't wait to see you...once I'm better...Cookie..." you finish, closing your eyes, attempting to rest.

    Jaehee takes her empty hand, and slowly lifts it to your face, softly brushing your hair from your eyes. "Cream...even like this...you're still as beautiful as ever..." she says, softly, but freezes in place, as she hears a loud sound, like something slamming on the ground.

    She lifts her head just enough to see Zen walking towards her, as Yoosung lays on the floor, shivering from pain. The male then grabs the brunette by the hair, pulling her body up.

    "Now, since that's taken care of...what should I do to you now, Jaehee?" he asks, as Jaehee's screams of pain from her hair being pulled echo throughout the hallway. Zen smiles wickedly, licking his lips. "These screams...I like them...I wished you made them more...but, I need to end this quickly, so I can save my princes-"

    The short-haired male's words are stopped, as a solid fist enters his stomach, enough force to cause him to let go of the woman, and stagger backwards.

    "W-what the...hell...Jaehee...you shouldn't...have the strength..." he responds, grunting out in pain. His eyes lock onto her own, shocked to see how much life is brought back into them.

    "Zen...you have to thank Cream for this...," Jaehee begins, attempting to take in as many deep breaths as she can, as she reaches into her back pocket, pulling the fingerless gloves out. "If it weren't for her, I would still want to make you pay for everything you've done the both of us. The pain you caused. The humility you threw on me, trying to make me think that my love for her wasn't true..."

    As Jaehee begins to slide the gloves onto her hands, Zen's anger begins to fuel his soul. "You...you little bitch...do you really think you could beat me? I knew you were soft, and I wanted you to get serious...but, you can't beat me. That punch you just threw...was a cheap shot. I will not let it happen again," he manages to say, the rage inside him controlling the sound of his words, as if every inch of his being is shaking from the hatred brewing inside.

    "Cheap shot? You mean the same shots you gave me? That was just a sample..." Jaehee responds, cricking her neck, as she adjusts the straps of her gloves, giving them a perfect fit. "I'm going to do what my most treasured jewel wants...and, she wants me to save not just her, but you as well. I know about the brainwashing, Zen...I'm sure that it can be fixed...but..."

    Jaehee stands upright, rising her fists in front of her chest, sliding her bare leg backwards, assuming her stance. The pain in her body is numbed from the soft words that you spoke to her, allowing her to finally be able to do what she came to do.

    "...with all of the pain that you caused me...all of the torment you put Cream through...I'm still going to make you pay..." she pauses, as all of her emotions focus towards the main longings that her rage blinded her from: protecting you. Bringing you back safely. Bringing you back into her life, so the love you two share for each other can bloom the way it was meant to be.

    "...I will defeat this...monster that you have become...and, in turn...I will save you..."

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IM ON MY WAY!" he chuckles at your excitement. you spend two weeks with him before he leaves again. two weeks after he left you sent him a text saying you missed him and where ust having a hard day. he respond knowing that you need to see his face and then sends an additional text listening to our song and thinking of you before I head up on stage. love you you think to yourself how you deserve someone so beautiful and precious. after the tour was all finish, it was Namjoon that had to wait for you to come back from seeing your family in the states. You sent him a text message that your plane landed and that your all settled in your apartment. You where about to send another text when a Snapchat notification pops up. You chuckle of course I'll come over. Maybe we can cuddle too? of course baby cuddles can definitely fit in this night somewhere. bring clothes. I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight. your heart palpitating at this innuendos. awe. how much you love him The next morning at work you receive a text. Jagi you stole something of mine when you left here this morning. no I didnt. I made sure I didnt steal your hoodie even though I wanted to. No baby you stole something important. You though about it but didnt have to wait for long I love you too. But babe you stole my heart first. 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A New Suga Fanfic coming soon..
would anyone be Interested in a reader/yoongi fanfic? It is going to based of an old country song that I adore... Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter... The story is an AU fic but a coming of age story. You spend the summers at your grandparents farm with your best friend Taehyung. You aren't a stranger to the college boys that your grandpa hires in the summer to help out with the harvesting and the running of his farm. You grandpa has animals, and produce on his farm but you and Taehyung usually spend it in the Strawberry fields. Your grandpa also makes wine from the strawberries. What you didn't expect was two college boys helping with the strawberries and the wine making. The college kids your grandfather usually hires help with the animals and other functions on the farm. You spend your summer falling in love and not hoping for heartache come September? You naively fall hard but as you get older it becomes a fleeting thought across your mind... If interested in the story comment below. I'm looking forward to writing a story of summer love and first love... but also a story about growing up Suga's Genius' @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @jeonraeyoo Suga's starchildren @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 if you would like to be added to the official Suga cmty taglist comment below. Taglist is only for the Suga council and will be used on the content we create for the community... My vingle fam @WinKonVIP @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @BTSMicDrop @twistedPDnim @YulaGyeom @MelissaGarza @jjrockstar @yehetmyohorat97 @CrookedShadow @ESwee @Lexxcisco @awkwardjazzy @sukkyongwanser @QueenLeLe @QueenPandaBunny @SweetDuella @BabydollBre @SugaKookieV @InfiniteKiss @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon RMs Fearless Leaders @VeronicaArtino @BTSMicDrop @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @SugaKookieV @DefSoul1994 Taehyung's Purplers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @jiminsnooder Suga's Genius @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV JIMIN Squad @BTSMicDrop @Queenpandabunny @Just2BLoved @jiminsnooder @SugaKookieV @VeronicaArtino Golden Maknae Crew @SugaKookieV @LiyahBoon @MelissaGarza @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @VeronicaArtino Sunshine Hope @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @VeronicaArtino Winner Council @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @VeronicaArtino Fantastic Losers @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @Starbell808 @VeronicaArtino BTS @DeyaniraEstrada @lilbr0wneyes @KokoroNoTakara  @cbellea @Helixx @sarahdarwish @Hurdkpop @biancadanica98 @xMangaLover @KellyOriane @wordlesseyes @jojojordy2324 @TleahEdwards @MissyKim @EmilyPeacock @Journ505 @ShadowAngel87 @Kyokeo @GenesisZiporrah @FelicianaRomero @ScarletMermaid @SeoInHan @IMNII @jcl4rks0n @heidichiesa @humairaa @torchix @sarahpjane @SugaKookieV @Bangtanss @ReynadeKpop @PrincessUnicorn @SimplyAwkward  @OneOfAKind @MadAndrea @musicmofo @nicolejb @jcl4rks0n @ashleyemmert @Katherina2078 @unnieArmkeY @AlloBaber  @EvilGenius @Dabaesaplayer @CloverShadows @Mandubum @PassTheSuga @SugalessJams @danidee @ButterflyBlu @B1A4BTS5ever  @btsgotshinee @EasternShell @ShadowAngel87 @EmilyPeacock @Journ505 @MissyKim @TleahEdwards @jojojordy2324 @KellyOriane @xMangaLover @Hurdkpop @peahyr @biancadanica98 @sarahdarwish @cbellea @johnevans @terenailyn @gabbycalzada @taetaebaozi @lilbr0wneyes @xxMollxx @Xionheart @Defy24601 @TanyaGautam @ZionPerezFlower @NickySerban @KwonOfAKind @krin @Emealia @FelicianaRomero @DestinaByrd @ScarletMermaid @ashleyemmert  @Katherina2078 @TaehyungV @Starbell808 @SweetDuella @MelissaGarza @Lexxcisco @resavalencia@sukkyongwanser @KarenGuerra93
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Communities that between 5000, 10,000 members There are several communities in here that are very active! The presidents of these communities and their Editors have done an amazing job in bringing content and love to these groups! To show some Appreciation and love for these communities and their amazing work and activity! In the Month of activity and new people there has been so much buzz and growth in these communities!! Thank you Presidents for Growing and lovingly looking over your communities! ♡♡ ■•■•■•■▪•▪•▪• •▪•▪•▪•■•■•■•■ ■•■•■▪•▪•▪• •▪•▪•▪•■•■•■ Over The Last Month The amount of members is amazing for these cmtys!! Jimin:         Cmty Had 5104 With @BTSMicDrop as president, It has grown to    5818 members! Whoohoo Congrats with  714 new members! ▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪ BAP:        Cmty Had 5162  With @MaeLyn as president, It has grown to     5193 members now! Congrats Girlie!! 31 new members! ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ Jungkook:    Cmty Had 5178 With @Yugykookie. as president, It has grown to 5986 members! Amazing news with growing the cmty! 808 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Taehyung:      Cmty Had 5241 With @ VeronicaArtino    as president, It has grown to  6052 members now! Whoohoo! Congrats with 811 new membes! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• TVXQ:         Cmty Had 5524 With @TaylorHill5    as president, It has grown to 5736 members now! Congrats! That is 212 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Winner:      Cmty Had 6049 With @WinkonVIP    as president, It has grown to 6382 members now. That is great! WIth 333 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Suga  :         Cmty Had 6660 With @VeronicaArtino as president, It has grown to     7605, Dam Girl! Congrats withgrowing the cmty! 945 new members!! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• FanFiction  :   Cmty Had 6937 With @LiyaBoon as president, It has grown to 7272 members now! Lots of readers out there! Congrats on growing the cmty! Thats 335 new members •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Got7 :        Cmty Had 7605 With @Luna1171 as president, It has grown to     7964  members now! Congrats girl! 359 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• ☆ •●• •●• •●• •●• Infinite  :      Cmty Had 8040 With @Just2BLoved as president, It has grown to 8146 members now! That is amazing gilr! 106 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• ◇ •●• •●• •●• •●• There will still be 1 more Appreciation/tracking card for the Top Communities which are in the Thousands! They are communities that have been around and seen so many people come and go! These groups happen to be run by people who have been on Vingle for a long time! I want to thank them for being here on Vingle, sharing a common interest of Kpop •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• fam tag! new updated list!  @SugaKookieV @StefaniTre  @SimplyAwkward @Starbell808 @SerenaArthurs @Sugasadamsapple @BabydollBre  @WinKonVIP    @Taekookimonster  @ESwee @Just2BLoved  @QueenPandaBunny   @Yugykookie97 @kpopandkimchi  @VKookie47 @MelissaGarza  @VeronicaArtino  @tinafalcon22 @tigerlily84 @Taekookimonster   @JaxomB  @divanicola05  @ynsamgwlk @rchacon19 @cns1391  @PolarStarr  @rocklvr @BTSARMYBOI @QueenyCrossGene Suga's Statgazers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella Suga's starchildren @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 Taehyung's Purplers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @Jiminsnooder Taehyung's Purplees... @MelissaGarzaMatoki Council: @MaeLyn @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @SweetDuella Baby Taglist: @kpopandkimchi @MelissaGarza @ynsamgwlk @SimplyAwkward @SweetDuella   @JaxomB @MaeLyn @mitchix5 @InfinitySky @AlexisJ15 @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @JiyongLeo @axosrain  @Starbell808 @simpsonsamantha @AkiraMarie13 @QueenyCrossGene @cns1391
{MCM} Glasses Edition!
Sorry I been a little MIA lately! Things have been a little hectic! Just general real life junk. Anyway, I caught this week's MCM, so without further ado, here goes! Katsuki Yuri - Yuri!!! on Ice Yup, I've officially joined the craze! Not caught up yet; I've only seen 7 episodes so far, but I'm loving it! I know, I know, he belongs to Viktor, but that doesn't mean I can't crush! He's just so sweet and awkward and adorable, and he really is beautiful when he skates his heart out! Honorable Mentions Maybe it's partially because I wear glasses myself, but I always love characters with glasses! As such, as usual, I couldn't possibly pick just one! So here's this week's slew of loveable honorable mentions! Loke/ Leo - Fairy Tail I've shared my love for Loke before! More than boys with glasses, I have a bit of a weak spot for gingers! I've never been much for the playboy type, but he's one that I can't help but love! 707 - Mystic Messenger Music Messenger is technically a game, but u couldn't resist including this guy! I haven't gotten to his route yet, so I don't have many pics yet (Jumin's route is getting super hot though; I'm a little concerned he may have some Christian Grey tendencies, but that soap-opera-style-strawberry-pancake kiss.. ♡). Anyway, I've expected from the start that 707 will be my favorite! Goofball genius hacker who's addicted to my favorite soda? Sign me up! Sub-honorable mention: Kim Yoosung (last 2 images) I don't like to double dip for these things, but I had to sneak in my first love from this game! Super adorable innocent Yoosung☆ was the first to capture my heart, so I had to give my puppy a shout-out! Kazuma - Noragami Bishamon's ever faithful exemplar and mentor to my baby, Yukine, Kazuma is one of the many characters that males this anime one of my favorites! Kyoya Ootori - OHSHC Kyoya was always one of my favorite hosts, aside from the Hitachiin twins! Daddy Tamaki may be the host club's fearless leader, but it couldn't survive without Mommy Kyoya! Gowther - Nanatsu no Taizai Last but certainly not least, Gowther, the Goat's Sin of Lust! Gowther and Ban are always in close running for my favorite Sin! I just love how matter of fact he is and all! He's rather peculiar, just the way I like 'em! Tagging le nakama! @AimeBolanos @Tylor619 @trustfundkid @alexcattura @BlackoutZJ @AdamDean @AimeBolanos @alliepetey @assasingod @biancadanica98 @BlackDragon88 @CandyApple22 @choppabelle @DemonAngel522 @fairydemon15 @hanetama @hikaymm @HiwaRasul @HunnaBallue @JasmynAnchondo @JessicaFerrier @JessSenpai @jevonlowery @KageTsuki040910 @kazam98 @KennyMcCormick @KiNg4LiFe @kouvarisb @KurosakiJess @LuffyNewman @midnitestar421 @MissStrawberry @msfancysunshine @NathanBryden @NikkoNikole @NikolasSatterwh @nimm14 @otakukpoper @ovvhr @PASCUASIO @RazChaosRender @RogueLeigh @SAMURXAI @SimplyAwkward @SuperWolverBat @TakamiRen @Taylor18920 @Tylor619 @YessicaCardenas As always, if you'd like to be added or removed, you need only ask!