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Sakura also saved Naruto's life in the war and she also saved chiyo's life . she is a badass beyond compare ❤
I love them both no matter how they are. people may see them weak but the weaker you look the bad ass you become. and that's why people don't noticed or what to see.
Well if you what a some reason I can give you some. Its not that I find Sakura unless I just find her ok. As for the reasons Sakura would only protect Sasuke for most of her young years. She was so forces on impressing Sasuke back then that she got her ass kick all the time. She did see what she was going wrong until Sasuke left. Even Tsunade said something to her about her about her knowledge cant really remember exactly what but basically is you cant find everything in a book. As an adult she Ok but still didn't know what to fight for. Hit why she didn't get her sage mode until very late. To be honest the only reason she won against Sasori was because of his Chiyo and her healing. Why do you like sasori went after chiyo before Sakura. You don't take a close combat person to a fight a far away combat person.but if you have to far away combat person it would be harder. Also don't forget the antinode that was for chiyo, chiyo used it on Sakura for she can survive Sasori poison. Sakura was almost killed by sasuke but she was lucky the kakashi and Naruto got there on time. She was foolish to try to stop him by herself and let her feelings get to her most of the time. As for hinata she never push or was cruel to naruto. Not even once though the whole series. Even though the whole village hated him she did not. She train harder then young sakura. And unlike Sakura who need help with sasori. Hinata Knowing very well she was not going to win against Pein; still fought against him for Naruto and wasted time for more people can help. That takes more courage knowing your going to lose a fight then facing off and winning. Like I said I like Hinata more but I don't hate Sakura I find her ok.
Hey I like Hinata because she love Him from the start! Sakura loves a man that mmmm Stabbbbb her and tried to poison her she got married to him had his kid and he still leaves her alone to raise the kid. yup she is great good for her for both of them.
I agree completely but I can't hold it against Hinata because she didn't really get enough air time fairly I mean we see her when naruto gets back and we find really see her until sasuke vs itachi and then pein Personally I prefer the naruhina pairing but that's just me
Why do people always have to show love for one by bashing the other? Why can't we just love both? 😢💞
a lot of people bash on Sakura for no reason so I reminded them that she is important to naruto because without her a lot of people would have died
@PrincessIsabel oh, don't get me wrong, Sakura bashing annoys the crap out of me because she is awesome and deserves so much better than that! (though I will admit she was a bit annoying and useless before Shippuden...) It just makes me sad that these 2 are always compared and attacked to make the other look better when they're both awesome in their own rights, you know? Not picking on this post in particular or anything, just saying in general! 😅
Sakura is important to the show I agree and in the season she was taken hostage too. I think that is is very important to the team. in the movie The Last she helps Hinata out by giving her courage. I am just not a fan of her getting together with the guy who tried to stabb her. that was sadddddd!
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