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The first thing I did when I heard about this movie was to read about it. Here’s what I found: “A police office chases after a thief and falls in love with her. ” Or something like that. So my first thought was that it would be like Out of Sight starring Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney which, despite its Mills & Boon-esque plot, is quite good. Then I watched the trailer: And realized I was wrong. Sorta. Catch Me is a romantic-comedy about a criminal profiler and the thief he must catch who happens to be his first love. Again with this first love business. The thief, Yoon Jin Sook, is played by Kim Ah Joong who’s found success in this genre, most recently with the box office hit My P.S. Partner. Her co-star, Joo Won, plays Detective Lee Ho Tae and was last seen in KBS2 hit Good Doctor. During the film’s November 18th press conference, they both admitted to developing feelings for each other while filming which I’ll file in my comments-made-to-grab-headlines box. They both said he began shooting Good Doctor right after Catch Me wrapped so those feelings didn’t go anywhere. I really enjoyed My P.S. Partner and liked 200 Pounds Beauty so I’m always down for a Kim Ah Joong rom-com. I haven’t seen Joo Won in any comedies but found him cute on Happy Together so I’m interested in seeing his comedic, sexy side. It’s hard to judge a rom-com from its trailer because they are all alike but I’m definitely adding this to my to-watch list. Other than comedy, there’s romance and stills of two kisses were recently released. The first is from their first relationship and the second is 10 years later when they reunite as police and thief: Catch Me hits theatres on December 12th.