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Hello fam!

Mariah here for Jin Wednesday!! This week is "5 Reasons NOT To Stan _____."

Know that these aren't actual reasons not to, but instead they're more reason TO stan them. Just the extra version. XD

Enjoy!! ^^

1. His Smile Will Wreck Your Bias List!

Jin's smile is absolutely beautiful. When I look at him smiling, I can 100% tell that he's having a good time. ^^ Its absolutely beautiful to look at, especially when he brings out the window wiper laugh. ♡~♡

2. His Obvious Charm Will Make You Love Him More Than You Do Now!

Jin is the perfect prince charming. He looks like royalty, he will treat you like royalty, and it just suits him too much! He just has so much charm to him. ♡⌣♡

3. His Love For Food!

Jin's love for food is absolutely insane. XD He's not afraid to eat a lot in front of people, he loves to cook, and he even has his own show 'Eat Jin!' Thought he eats a lot, he keeps such a nice figure. ╥﹏╥ I need to know how he does it.

4. His Weird, But Caring Personality!

As the oldest, Jin would have the impression of being the most mature. Well, hes not. XD He acts childish, weird, and playful when he wants to. Sometimes I even wonder how he's older than the others! XD
But he does have a lot of manners, and he's kind and caring when he needs to (when it comes to people other than the other members).

5. His Breathtaking Talent!

Jin's voice is... Oh my, its beautiful... He needs more lines, because this voice needs to be heard 10x more than its being heard now... Fun fact about me; 'Awake' was the only song that made me cry on the wings album. I want to see more of him. I want to hear more of him. He deserves a better spotlight!


This brings us to the end of '5 Reasons NOT To Stan Jin!" I hope you all liked it! ^^



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for his figure he mentioned before that he would go work out for three hours after eating alot
I see. Well thanks for the info.