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how do like heirs guys ?? ps: i missed vingling :(
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yeah @divelycious they show up in facebook...eun sang mom and dad is rachel mom and cy dad...i hope not true...but from the star i feel it is eun sang is daughtet of other chebol family...not cy dad and rachel mom...its so messy...i want they fight until the forgive each other...hehehe
NOOOO!!NOT Rachel's omma and YD's apppa. Not only would it hurt Eun Sang, but YD would be messed up forever, having strong feelings for a half sister. ..nooooo.
OMG I sure hope not
i hope not true...but in facebook account of heirs i read there...eun sang mute revealed...but this is spectacular
In all the declaration, KT is always naughty, mischievous, hot-bloodied of his love one. Probably, most guys like him behave that way...