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I know it's been awhile since I updated this, so here it is the next installment of Danger...and trust me it gets dangerous now.

Here's Chapter 1
Here's the last Chapter

alright and here is a warning
Ok you have been warned so here we go....

The girls looked at the door. It couldn't have been one of the guys, they had to all be asleep.

"Go get it." Eliza said pushing Belle lightly.

"Why me...what if it's a killer?"

"Then you die first." Eliza smiled

"I don't want to die!" Belle whined and there was a knock again.

"I'll kill the killer don't worry." Eliza said as Belle slowly got off the bed and fell into the wall.

"Whoops I forgot I drank a bit." she giggled.

"Another reason I wanted you to get the door." Eliza giggled and laid down on the bed and grabbed her stuffed panda.

Finally after several seconds Belle opened the door.


They all had been drinking to celebrate their big win and he decided to sneak out and check on the girls. He got to their room and knocked on the door.

"What if it's a killer?" he heard and couldn't help but laugh. These two. After a little bit and some loud bangs the door opened. Belle was standing there. She smiled at him and he waved and glanced behind her to see Eliza rolling around on the bed holding a stuffed panda.

"Jhooooope" Eliza squealed as she saw him in the door.

"Come on in." Belle said as he walked in.

"What are you gals doing?"

"Drinking and having a good time." Belle said as she flopped on the bed.

"Mind if I join?" He asked

"OF COURSE!!!" Eliza yelled

"Oh by the way Congrats!" Both girls said as they both lunged at Jhope to hug him.

They laughed as they ended up falling off the bed and hitting the ground hard.

"Ouch Panda hurt!" Eliza said rubbing where it hurt

"SUNSHINE! Are you ok?" Belle asked getting close to him.

"I'm fine." He laughed pushing Belle up as he got up as well.

After several minutes they had drank a full bottle of wine.

"Alright next bottle. " Belle said grabbing at it.

As she poured drinks for everyone Belle's mind wandered.

"Hey Jhope.....I have a question."

"Whats that?"

"Do you get hard on stage?"

Eliza spit out her drink and started laughing


"What I was just thinking....I mean they gotta get turned on by the fact that there are so many women that want them...and you know they might fine a sexy one and you know boing" Belle did a motion.

"You know that will be our little secret you will never know." He laughed

"Come on don't be shy." Belle said

"Says the girl who calls it a pee pee" Eliza spoke.

"I want to stay innocent. "

"Trust me you aren't innocent."

"Come on Belle just say it Penis... or better yet Dick."


"Or call it an Organ. I call it that sometimes."

Belle let out a squeal of embarrassment.

"That just sounds dirtier" Eliza said laughing.

"I still think saying that is AHH I can't. "Belle covered her face

Belle got off the bed and slowly made her way to the bathroom door.

"Now do you measure it?" Eliza asked

"Well yeah daily?"Jhope said

"HOW! With a measuring stick or...your hand? Cuz if your hand gets bigger wouldn't your.. pee pee get bigger. " Belle had stopped walking and was staring at the two.

"Just say it. Say what it is." Eliza giggled

"Pee pee."

Eliza and Jhope started laughing

"Shut up! I'm trying to remain innocent."

"As you hold your stuffed animal." Eliza started laughing.

Belle went to the bathroom while Eliza and Jhope continued to talk and laugh.

"Do you know how crazy those guys are over there. " Jhope pointed in a direction.

"Very Crazy?" Eliza giggled

"They were playing a drinking game to see who got to ask you girls out first. Only a few weren't playing?"


"Jin and Jimin."



They discussed a fee things while waiting on Belle. When Belle walked out of the bathroom she was in shock.



"Are you really talking about waterboating with Jhope?"

" did we get on this topic?" Eliza asked

"I don't know but we got here." He laughed

"So anyways...what did you say it was called?" Eliza asked J hope.

"Oh hotdoging."

"Excuse me?" Belle was confused

"That's when the guy puts his....pee Pee between the boobies." J hope said using Belle's word.

"You could have just used the normal words." Eliza said with a smile.

"I was trying to be considerate."

"Belle if Jungkook said to you in Korean he wanted to hotdog with you, you would think it's mighty sexy after he does what he does."

"Then you find out what it's called in English." J hope added

"I'd be like what the fuck. Don't call it a hotdog."

"Boobjob?" Eliza asks...

"YEAH that's a little bit better."

"YEAH you say hand job so you can say boob job." J hope said.

"Yeah but I'd have to do the work, I'd have to hold it while he duga duga duga." Belle made a jester that made J hope and Eliza bust up laughing. Then there was a knock at the door. Belle walked over to it.

"Belle sweetie, you hold your boobs in place he moves." Belle starts blushing hard core and giggles.

"I'm imagining it now."

Eliza laughs evilily.

Belle starts to talk as she opens the door.

"Its ok he's gotta have a nice penis!" And at the same time both girls squeal.

Belle saw who was standing at the door and starts to get embarrassed. Jungkook was standing there with Namjoon.

"OH! You just said Penis!" J hope yelled

"I Know" Belle turned to face him, and started laughing along with Eliza.

"Hi guys! So Belle if it wasn't nice you wouldn't allow that?" Eliza asked and Belle glance back at Kookie who was looking at her.

"No, I'd still let him."

"Wow, this puts everything in perspective." J hope said.

"HEY! I don't mean I'd be jumping into bed with him just because well look at him." Belle pointed at Kookie and realized what she had just revealed.

"Wait you were talking about me just now?"
Kookie looked amused.

"I'm not as easy as some may not." Belle ran and flopped on the bed and grabbed her stuffed animal again. She didn't mean to say what she did but when she gets drunk she lets her dirty thoughts fly.

"Hey it's ok Belle, no-one thinks your easy." J hope said patting her back.

"Plus I think I know why these 2 are here." ELIZA said looking between the two.

"J hope, we were here for Jhope" namjoon said.

"HOW drunk are you 2?" Eliza asked walking over to them.

"Not very." Namjoon said as Eliza got in front of him and light pushed him and he quickly grabbed onto her to stop himself from falling.

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