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Best Kiss among dramas!
voted by 1083 single men & women between the age of 20-30... best (tippy toes) kiss in drama! Queen In-Hyun's man - 39% King 2 Hearts - 16% Gentleman's Dignity -25% Rooftop Prince - 20%
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what Korean dramas are missing is TOUCHING. If the characters don't touch each other they have no chance to become close.... Touching is everything!
i agree with that...the characters who portrayed passionate kisses in the scene,possibility of romance development.like what happened in the korean drama LOVERS..after a year of relationship they split up..that hows life goes with the celebrities.
hehe except I feel like a perv now knowing that QIHM kissers were REAL.... *slaps own face*
I thought ...it was real and it was like eavesdropping on there private moments together. It was like being a stalker