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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Gray

You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new identity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.
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(Y/N POV)~

I didn't know when I woke up I would feel so alone. My bed partner was gone, and house empty. God, I missed working. At least I had people I could talk to, and could actually do something productive. My old house was tiny compare to this place, making it very comfortable.

Seonghwa had me cut off my friends I made working at the club. I am not allow to go outside alone either. We may have a marriage license protecting me, but Mr. Kim was still out there. So it wasn't safe to go out alone. I would hit up one of the girls to see if they wanted to spend time together, but they were either working or being a great mother/sister.

I would spend time gardening, but even then I was going insane. I text Jay to see if I could get his attention. Hoping I could talk to him about working at DuArt Cafe, with Jehan. I figured if I work somewhere Seonghwa had connections in, maybe he'll let me have the job. My phone had went off, and I ran for it, to see Jay text me back.

From King Heffa,
"I don't mine having you work there, But you need to talk to Gray first..."

Even Jay was making me have to go through Seonghwa. I groan annoyed, as I text him this time. It was starting to feel more like a prison in this house as time slowly went by. I finally gave up and text Simon this time. I actually try to keep communication with him low, so he might find my texting him odd. My phone bing again as soon as I texted him.

Dominic Boss,
"What is it that you need my dear? Jay told me you were asking about workin at the Cafe. Scared to ask Seonghwa yourself?"

I really was growing fond of Simon, and glad he already figured out why I was hitting him up. I texted him back that I didn't mind talking to him myself, I just want to do it in person. Plus the fact that I needed to get out of the house right now, because I was going insane. Simon really didn't hesitate in texting me at all. He reply to me right away.

Dominic Boss,
"Okay, then get dress, I'm coming to get you myself. O.M.W."

Simon seriously was one the coolest friends Seonghwa had to have. I smiled as I reply okay to him. I then ran to take a quick shower, and dress for the day. I put my hair in a messy bun, allowing loose strains caress my face. I wore light grey distress sweatpants crop into shorts, and all black than top.

I threw on my crop, distressed light gray hoodie sweater. Right as I was about to slip my shoes on, the door buzzed. I looked at my phone before checking the security camera. It was Simon at the door, and he had texted me that he was here. I open the door to be greeted by the blonde prince charming, smiling.

"Annyeong, Simon." I smiled warmly back at him, before taking the hand he offer me. "Just know by the time we get back, they might be in the middle of dirty business." I nodded my head lightly, before joining him on the ride to AOMG. "How are your self-defense lessons coming along?"
He was trying to make small talk with me. "Yes, I've beaten WooBae at least five times yesterday." Simon nodded his head as he gave a tiny smile. "That's good. We need you to stay strong just in case of anything."

I nodded in agreement, before noticing that we had arrive. I was about to get out, when Simon grabbed my arm. He was looking around and sighed heavily. "Stay close to me... they are doing the dirty business I was telling you about."

When I looked around like him, I only saw cars. Yet what would I know, right? This was stuff that kept hidden in the shadows. Simon got out of the car, to open the door for me. He then took my hand in his own, and kept me behind him. We got to the floor of the AOMG, to be greeted by a bodyguard at the door.

The guard bow towards us, before enter the room to see Jay and Gray talking show with two suits. They all looked over at us, as I noticed one of them was actually looking at me. I could see the hunger in his eyes, as he licked his lips. "Well well, is this how you seal the deal Jay? have your boy bring in a stripper."

I glared at him and growl out of announce, as Loco came out of the studio room. He came straight to me, to take my hand. "Yo don't disrespect my family like that." They all looked at Jay, as he scolded them in announce. The one that disrespected me actually got up to stop Loco from taking me to the studio room. All eyes went on him the second he grabbed my arm.

"Don't go... I would love for you to entertain me."

The man's hand tighten as he started to hurt me. I winced in pain, resulting in Simon pushing him away from me. He released me instantly the moment Simon, The guy just checked Simon. "Well then why the fuck you bring her here? She could be a spy and wired."

Seonghwa got up and came over to me. I didn't watch him, because I was too busy glaring at the man that was trying to make me perform sexual acts for him. He came up with a damn good excuse for it real quick too. "Jakiya..." I looked over at Seonghwa and sighed heavily.

I held up my arms and parted my legs, like at an airport security check. Seonghwa perform a search on me to prove I didn't have a wire. I felt his hands slip under my tank top, to grip on my waist. We made eye contact, as I noticed that devilish smirk. He lifted me up, as I wrap my arms and legs around him.

His hands moved from my waist to my ass, before our lips locked. "Such a damn good wife." Seonghwa said, right as he slap my ass, resulting in a moan escaping my lips. "Go with Loco to the studio. We'll talk later, okay?"

I nodded my head, before I put my legs back down. I went to pull away, but he pulled me back in to have a tongue war for a moment. Seonghwa then squeeze my ass, before turning me to go with Loco. I took Loco's hand and started to leave as I noticed the shock looks on the suits. "Wait...she's your wife?!"

I giggled after entering the studio room for my safety. Seonghwa had made the suits look stupid after he play with me for a bit. "DAMN!" We all looked at the door, as heard shouting. "Wonder what made them say that?" I looked over to see G.Soul was working in the studio.

"Looking like that when they're dealing... dangerous, Y/N."

I stuck my tongue out at him, earning a smirk from G.Soul. Loco, G.Soul, and Woogie were entertaining me, whilst teaching me our to make music. This was so much better than being stuck in an condo all by myself. "Y/N, Why the fuck are you coming here with Simon?" I jumped when Seonghwa storm into the room.

He was annoy, unlike before when he was sexy as fuck. "You know what... come with me now." He came over and grabbed my arm, and took me to his private studio room. "Ow.." I voiced my pain, as he grip actually was hurting me.

He made sure the door was lock, before slamming me again the wall. Seonghwa pin my arms above my head, with one hand. "Talk now... why did you come here?" He was annoy but his eyes were dark, as if he was starving for me. "I wanted to talk to you about work."

He growl, and rolled his eyes, before letting me go. Seonghwa walked deeper into the room. "What about it?" I went after him, and wrap my arms around him, from behind. "I'm losing my mind in that house. I want to work, and the cafe, and gym are hiring. Which keeps me in your protection zone."

He plopped himself down in a rolling chair, as he rest his elbow on the arm chair, and his head in his hand. "Seriously? You couldn't wait til I got home? Or possibly text me?"

I just stood there with my mouth shut. I wanted to throw the damn couch pillow at his head, but I felt like I had no right to do so, since he married me to protect and save me. He looked at me, as the anger danced in his eyes. "Answer me please..." I just closed my eyes and looked away. Seonghwa sighed under his breath, as I heard the chair move.

He had moved to stand before me, when I open my eyes again. "Talk to me, you're here already, so might as well." The annoyance was still there in his eyes. I just looked away form him, and balled my fist. "What's the point... you're going to say no, ignore me, and keep me locked up in the house. Its not good to leave me alone in there... alone with sharp objects and the demons in my mind."

I glared up at him, and saw that he looked concern now. "Are you threatening to harm yourself because you want a job? I'm not going to say no if you really want to work in the gym or cafe. You were right, they are safe zones. No need to threaten to harm yourself."

He touched my cheek to have me look him in the eye. "Don't say you're going to harm yourself to get your way with me. Your case was perfect before you did that. I just wish you text me, not Simon." I sighed, hung my head, and play with his shirt hem.

"I'm sorry, but its how I felt... I was starting to go insane, and I didn't want to bother you while you were in session. I hit up Loco to ask if you were too, and he said at that time you were working on music." Seonghwa kissed the top of my head, as his hands ran down my arms, and took my hands. "You still have to be punished."

My eyes shot up to make contact with Seonghwa. He pin my arms behind my back and grinned. "I will talk to Jay and Simon later about getting you one of the open positions. But for now brace yourself. You did piss me off, while looking to god damn sexy."

I wanted to say something, but the only thing I could do was part my lips. I was under a spell as I looked up at Seonghwa.

Damn this man was becoming the perfect drug

but it seems I triggered his Sadist side to kick in.


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yeah, I hate to admit this, but she was in the wrong. she shouldn't text Gray first. Now she's going to get a spanking