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Yoon Si Yoon catches YoonA digging through trash in still cuts for 'Prime Minister and I'
'Prime Minister and I' unveiled still cuts of YoonA and Yoon Si Yoon's characters first meeting to slowly introduce us to some of the scenes we can expect to see in the premiere! The still cuts show Nam Da Jung (YoonA) digging through a garbage can in front of the prime minister Kwon Yool (Lee Bum Soo)'s house to dig up scoop on him as a reporter and Kang In Ho (Yoon Si Yoon), the elite chief assistant of the prime minister's office, catches her in the act, observing her with curiosity. A rep commented, "YoonA really dug through a foul-smelling garbage, effectively portraying a hilarious situation... Like the meeting of YoonA and Yoon Si Yoon at a garbage can, 'Prime Minister and I' will have fun and comedic episodes so please look forward to it." The drama will premiere following 'The Future Choice' on December 9! k
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and yoonie oppa seems to have gained weight because of his chubby cheeks.! still cute though. . ^^,.
it will be good to see yoon si yoon. I really liked him in Bread Love and Dreams, unfortunately I didn't recognize him in Flower Boy Next Door.