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Alrighty I have a new chapter for you readers! lol, I fell asleep early last night so ended up posting the story this morning. Its a long chapter so be ready lol

Chapter 3

By 6:30 I was still going through my tiny bag of clothes trying to figure out what to wear. I already ruled out comfy clothing option and was debating on the sexy red dress that hugged my body like a glove or the pink flowing dress that went down to my knees. After a little debate with myself I figured I would go with the safer option and went with the pink dress. By 7 o clock there was a knock at the door. Kookoo went crazy running to the door. I answered it to see Mathew there, dressed in a pair of jeans and a white shirt with an unbuttoned shirt over it. His eyes scanned my outfit.
“You ready to head out?” He asked.
“Yes, just let me grab my bag” I said. Grabbing my bag I shut the door behind me, not realizing it put me right into him, he hasn't moved back. His arm went around so I wouldn't fall than he took a step back and released me.
*sorry” I mumbled.
*no problem. Come on I got my car in the driveway” he said.
“You can drive?” I cocked a brow.
“Yes” he said sounding offended.
“Here in america not in Korea” I chuckled.
“I did grow up here and get my license, come on. Get in” he was shaking his head.
“So where are we going?’ I asked
“Dave and busters” he grinned.
I looked down at myself, yea I wasn't really dressed appropriately for gaming.
“Unless you want to go clubbing?” He offered.
“Dave and busters it is” I chuckled
“Not a clubber?” He cocked an eyebrow.
“Not really. Come in, let me give kookoo a treat to occupy herself.” I said inviting him in.
“Your really a dog person” he said kneeling to pet kookoo.
When I came back with a dog bone in hand he was playing tug of war with kookoo.
“Your a dog person too” I commented
“Yup, are you ready to head out?” he asked as kookoo came running towards me and sniffing my hand that held the treat. I gave it to her and she ran to the rug to chew on her bone.
“Lets head out” I nodded.
Outside he had a car waiting in the driveway.
“It’s a rented car” he said beeping it open. It was a yellow chevrolet camaro.
It was a hot ass car, that’s what it was.

In the car we talked about random things even as he would randomly point out places in town where he used to hang out, i did the same pointing out shops and such that i would hang out at, stories got exchanged and laughs were made. By the time we got to the great big arcade we were laughing and smiling.
At the front Mathew bought two cards and put fifty dollars on each one than handed one to me.
“Wait for real?” I was wide eyed.
“Yea, I always spent a lot when I was here, it’s been a few years” his grin was sparkling as he turned it on me.
“Same here” I chuckled nervously.
“Do you want to grab food before or after playing?” he asked.
“How about after, say, whoever has the least amount of tickets buys dinner” I said as we headed into the arcade area. There was so much noise and laughter around me I couldn’t help but feel giddy.
“Don’t you mean the most?” he asked.
“Nope the leasts” I shook my head “ I’m banking on it being an entertaining competition, not to get tickets as we play” I told him.
“Oh yea! Come on the two player games dish out less than the single games” he gestered to one side of the room. That side showed a lot of machines in a row, they looked like those bulldozer games and pachinko style games. Those did look like fun, I would so be visiting them later. On the other side of the room was rows of bike games, dance dance evolution, and a bunch more that looked like fun interative games.
Mathew nudged my arm gesturing to head in that direction.
“I’ll start off easy on your, how about ski ball?” he asked leading to the back of the room which had four or five rows of games. He inserted his card and a row of balls came out, i followed suit and got my own game going.
“This is one of my favorite games” I told him.
“Really? Why?” he asked.
“It remind me of bowling, minus the change of dropping the ball on my foot.” I said making him laugh.
“You must not be good at it” he said making me shrug.
“I’m better than my friend Sarah” I shrugged
“Really? I find that hard to believe, you throw like a girl” he said as I missed the top hole and made it in the middle instead.
“Haven’t you noticed” I looked at him. “I am a girl” I said. His head turned so he could look at me.
“Well damn, you are” he whistled.
“I’m so glad you noticed” I winked.
“Why don’t I beat you here to proof females throw just as hard as males” my trash talk lacked but, I still beat him by several hundreds!
“What to do next” I said looking around.
“Your choice” he said.
“I wanna ride the motorcycle” I leaned in to tell him. When he looked confused I pointed to the next aisle and he nodded.
“Think you can ride in that dress?” he raised a brow as he waited for a couple guys to finish there game. I was intent on seeing how the guys were playing so I could learn.
“Oh i’m totally gonna beat you” I told him.
“You for sure? All I see is a girl in a short dress who should be riding shot gun” he grinned
“ I’m good in the drivers seat, as long as I can tuck my dress under my ass. I would hate to touch the seat with my butt” I said nonchalantly not realizing what I said. Mathew heard alright though. He paused than came closer to me.
“Your bare ass?” he mumbled into my ear as he bent closer.
My face lit up! It burned bright red as I heard my words back to me how they registered in his head
“I’m wearing underwear, I’m just saying!” I stared at him but his grin got bigger, he leaned down and brushed his lips across my cheek and to my neck before he spoke.
“I’m really curious what you have under that dress now” he bit my ear.
I wanted to sigh in pleasure, but my body was to alive and active. The two guys were getting off the bikes and turned to stare at us.
“Get a room” One of them called out.
“Games open” the other said.
“Later” Mathew said pulling away.
He swung a leg over the bike and hopped on.
As much as it would look sexy to do something similar, it was really true, I didn’t want that much skin touching the well used bike. I got on and made sure my dress was under me, i did good.

For the next thirty minutes we went between the racing games and the shooting games. Both were highly filled with trash talk between us that ended up taking a note to dirty talk.

“Want to take a break?” Mathew asked as we finished a game of killing zombies.
“Maybe a drink would be good” I said.
“How about some food with it too?” He asked.
“Dinner it is” I chuckled.
“Sooo, big question, who's the biggest looser?” he asked cheekily holding up his tickets. I laughed at the lame pun.
“Lets find a machine and load it up on the cards” I said looking around. He spotted one and we went and did so.
“Ha I have 380 tickets! Don’t beat that” I said looking over at him. “Wait how did I get 380 tickets?” I stared at the screen.
“My turn” he said dumping his tickets into the feeder.
“320” he read out loud.
“Boom! You the biggest loser!” I said than chuckled. “I’m sorry that was mean” I said patting his shoulder, i couldn’t reach his head. “My gosh your tall” I said. “How would that work” I mumbled the last comment to myself.
If I lift you up were the same height” he said, doing just that.
“Wait!” I said grabbing ahold of his arms, his freaking well defined arms. My face was at the same level as his now. “IF you were to wrap your legs around my waist his would work better.
My face heated.
“Public, we are in public” I told him.
“No one is looking, besides they could honestly think we won big at tickets” mathew said. My face scrunched up and I burst out laughing.
“700 tickets, we are big winners here” I chuckled
“So we are” he said wrapping an arm around my shoulders and turning me to head towards the resturant area.

“Question, did you slip a few of your tickets into my bucket” I asked after we ordered a few appetizers, mostly wings and cheese fries.
“Nope” he said taking a chug of his drink.
“Hmm I think your lying” I said.
“Really? I’m not normally a liar and I really wouldn’t over a think like tickets so that I could pay for dinner” Mathew pointed out.
“Good than you won’t mind me paying for dinner since you got the cards” I smiled sweetly at him.
“Nope, I’m the gentleman, I make more money I get to treat you like a lady” Mathew grinned.
Oh my eyes were glued to those smexy lips of his.
“Waita minute, how is money brought into- nevermind, but you don’t know if you make more than me” I narrowed my eyes.
“Really?” He raised an eyebrow. “I’m an idol in seoul, I get paid just to show up at a venue and do what I love” he said.
“And I get paid to watch animals” I laughed. “Yup I can see how it looks like I’d be getting less than you” I said. “Except I just got back from Texas watching four dogs and a parakeet for a week, got my flight paid for plus almost a thousand for it” I said. “I get good perks” I clued him in on.
“Seems like you do” he said.
The food arrived and he started asking me about my job and what is was I actually did and how it worked. I had made good connections, it wasn’t just a small time deal that happened from neighbor to neighbor but people all over the place, recommendations were key, I had made several everywhere I went to make sure that I wasn’t restricted to just one place, even when I was in seoul I made several connections and clients
By the time I was done with my third drink and dinner was long over we had moved on to people, Mathew was talking about his team mates back in Seoul, they seemed like it was a nice family vibe.

“What time is it?” I asked looking at my phone. It was 10 pm, closing time. “I can’t believe we stayed til closing” I said chuckling.

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