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Additional still cuts and BTS photos of YoonA looking gorgeous as usual for 'Prime Minister and I' as well as an interview have been unveiled! YoonA sat down for an interview in which she opened up about her acting transformation as the rough-around-the-edges reporter Nam Da Jung for the drama. Q: What do you think are Lee Bum Soo's charms? A: "He seems like a serious person, but he is actually very humorous. I found that very charming. He often talks to me first, jokes around a lot, takes my one-word replies well, and makes me feel comfortable. I am thankful to him. When I first read the script, I thought I would match well with the prime minister, and when we met for the first time during our script reading, we did. When he appeared on set as the prime minister, I thought to myself, '[He is] handsome.' He was really the straightforward prime minister Kwon Yool. Maybe it's because I also saw myself as Nam Da Jung that I found him handsome and my acting came naturally. This is the first time that I was able to channel my character this suddenly as I was acting. It is an honor for me to act alongside my sunbaenim." Q: What image do you plan to show and what nickname do you think you'll get? A: "I played kind and innocent characters in difficult situations up until now, and Nam Da Jung is quite similar, but her personality is carefree and has no sense. Although I played quiet and cute characters previously, this character is loud and stubborn. I am acting without thinking of being pretty. I thought of this acting transformation as a challenge, but once I acted out the character, I started to feel a lot of things. When I start a drama, I get called by many nicknames. I am anticipating what those nicknames will be this time." Q: What did you do to prepare for 'Prime Minister and I'? A: "I looked over the script many times. Among the dramas I've done, I've read the script for this drama the most, worked the hardest, and felt the most pressure. I always pray before starting each filming, and I've never prayed so hard before. I hope that this drama receives a lot of love and becomes memorable." Q: Please say a message to the viewers. A: "Please look forward to 'Prime Minister and I' and spread it through word of mouth once it airs. It will be a warm and cheerful drama during this winter. I hope this drama gives you laughs and warms your hearts." Girls' Generation also shared a BTS photo on their official Twitter on the 20th, "YoonA at the set of drama (Prime Minister and I)." 'Prime Minister and I' will premiere on December 9 at 10 PM KST!