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Cha Eun Sang thought she’d lead a peaceful, quiet life at Jeguk High after putting an end to her romance with the second son of Jeguk Group, Kim Tan. The resident bad boy, Choi Young Do, however, has plans to tangle her up in his thorny life which isn’t as glamorous or perfect as Eun Sang thought. As she discovers more and more about Young Do’s past, she’ll sink deeper into a conspiracy that will turn her world more upside down. CHAPTER ONE (LIST OF CHAPTERS) Eun Sang stood in front of Young Do’s suite for what could have been the hundredth time. At this point, she had lost count. It was never easy to bring herself to knock. Walking past that threshold symbolized submission; it reminded her that he was in control of the situation. She hated that. Eun Sang hated that she couldn’t afford to ignore him. She didn’t want to live her life as miserably as she had. She wanted a better future, not just for herself but for her mother who had worked so hard. Seeing how she was treated in Tan’s home, how she quietly threw away her pride for her sake, Eun Sang couldn’t turn around and throw her mother’s sacrifice aside like nothing. If her mother could bear the burden of their situation, the least Eun Sang could do was bear her own troubles with equal resilience. Taking a deep breath, she rung the bell. Maybe he wouldn’t be there. It wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before. She learned that his father was a very demanding man who made him work whenever he saw fit, ignoring Young Do’s personal schedule. Sometimes he had even left mid meal, never admitting how much it bothered him to have to yield to his father’s capricious whims. She closed her eyes, hoping he wasn’t there. Tonight she was too exhausted to humor him. Young Do opened the door. He smiled at her in his usual cocky way, reminding her that he had the bull by the horns. He usually had to say nothing to convey his sentiments across as loud as if he’d shouted them. He made an exaggerated bow toward the inside, and she went in, rolling her eyes. As usual, dinner was already served. The first few times she’d come to him, Eun Sang didn’t eat. She found it impossible to share a meal with someone as detestable as him. He was at least gracious enough to not force the food down her throat or throw it at her as he’d done with the other people he liked to play with. Eventually she began poking the food. He’d somehow figured what she liked, possibly by observing her eating habits at school. She often caught him staring at her, something he didn’t even try to dissimulate. He pulled out the chair for her in his typical mocking fashion. Everything he did seemed like a joke, though he constantly swore it wasn’t. Eun Sang sat, picking up her chopsticks and diving right in without waiting for him. If he often reminded her she was welfare, she might as well lack the manners he associated with poor people. Young Do chuckled, seemingly amused, and took a seat across from her. He watched her for a long while. “Aren’t you hungry?” He leaned back into the chair and crossed his arms. He bit his lip and smiled, as if she’d said something incredibly funny. “I think it’s the first you’ve worried for me.” Eun Sang raised a brow at him. “That’s not why I asked.” Young Do’s smile widened. “You can’t let me fantasize even this much?” Something had changed in the months that had passed since she’d started eating dinner with him. In the beginning she found his words excessive, even annoying. She wanted to punch the smile off his face. Now, each time he spoke like that she got angry for different reasons. She was too scared to analyze what those reasons might be. “What?” He scoffed. “Are you running out of things to say? You’ve always been good at arguing.” “I don’t want to argue.” This seemed to surprise him. “So should we have a serious conversation tonight then?” “If it’s about Tan—-” The humor drained from his face. “I told you not to talk about him.” “I thought Rachel might have told you—-” “She did tell me.” He leaned forward, reminding her why she had once been scared of sitting near him. “But I can trust you by now, can’t I? You like your mother enough to not want me to—-” She clenched her teeth. “I’m here aren’t I?” “Will there ever be a day when you come to me without needing an incentive?” “Then do you think there will ever be a day when you won’t need to give incentives to have people come to you?” Young Do smiled. He snapped his fingers and pointed at her, looking very pleased. “That’s my Eun Sang. Always quick to argue back.” The door bell echoed through the suite. Young Do rolled his eyes and looked toward the door. It seemed like he knew who would be on the other end. His entire body stiffened. He didn’t make a move to answer. Eun Sang set the chopsticks down. “Am I supposed to get that?” "If I open the door I may be showing you something you’ll regret seeing." Eun Sang doubted anything could surprise her at this point. “I think I’ve seen the worst.” "Should I take that as a challenge?" He glared at her. "Do you really want to see a monster?" Young Do stood and walked toward the door. Eun Sang took a deep breath, thankful for the interruption. The conversation had been going somewhere that she wanted to keep avoiding until the very end. She heard a man shouting, and Young Do retorting that he was busy. Eun Sang stood when she heard a scuffle. Young Do’s father stormed into the room looking at her as though she were an insect that needed to be exterminated. "Get out," he hissed. Eun Sang started. "Didn’t you hear me?" He shouted. "Get out now!" Eun Sang scrambled to get her book bag when Young Do held her arm. He pulled her to his side and stared down his father. “I told you I was busy.” She tried to snatch her arm from his hold but Young Do only squeezed harder. He looked absolutely determined to defy his father. “You punk!” His father went at him, punching him square in the jaw. “Do you want me to embarrass you in front of others?” Eun Sang watched as the man grabbed Young Do by the collar of his shirt to deliver another blow. And another. She watched in absolute horror as the man shoved his son against the wall, cursing at him. Young Do licked his bleeding lip and smiled maniacally at him. "You’re the one embarrassing yourself right now." "Why you!" His father yanked the buckle of his belt free and pulled it off his waist. Eun Sang watched as he whipped it at Young Do, slashing across his face, lifting it again to bring it down on his back. Young Do lifted an arm over his head, shielding his face, eyes finding Eun Sang’s. He winced as each blow fell over him but never once did he cry out. Eun Sang gasped into her hands at the sound the belt made each time it came down onto Young Do. The rage in the boy’s eyes, the barely contained control he was exercising to keep himself from returning the blow against his father. Was it out of respect? Or did it go worse if he defended himself? Eung Sang knew she should have gone, that she should have run away, but she couldn’t. Curling her fingers into fists, she shouted, “Please stop!” She ran toward the pair and got in the middle. The tip of the belt slashed across her chin, splitting her lip open. She bit her lower lip swallowing back the cry. It stung with ardent pain. Young Do lifted her face and cursed beneath his breath. He growled at his father and moved toward him to pounce, but Eun Sang clung to his arm and held him back. “He didn’t mean to hit me,” she whispered. “I was the one who stood in the way.” The man slid the belt back on, anger still etched on his face. “Clean up quickly and meet me downstairs if you know what’s best for you. I’m not letting this pass.” “You can sue him, you know,” Young Do said with a feral smile. “I’ll even testify.” “I’d like to see you try that.” He angrily pointed at him. “You have five minutes. Don’t make me come up here a second time.” Eun Sang watched as Young Do’s father walked away as though nothing had happened. Without even a single word of apology to her or even concern that she could, in fact, sue him. He was a man so confident in his power and control that he didn’t seem to think anyone could bring him down. Eun Sang felt Young Do trembling against her. Slowly she lifted her head to look at him. He was glaring ahead. He was angry. Her eyes went to the gash at his cheek. Her eyes slid down to his torso where undoubtedly he’d begun bruising beneath his sweater. How many times had he gone to school with marks beneath his clothes? How many of the scuffs she’d seen on his face had been caused by his father? How much longer would he have beat Young Do if she hadn’t been there to stop him. His voice was husky. “Don’t you dare look at me like that.” “Like how?” “With pity.” “I don’t pity you,” she lied. “I can hear the pity in your voice.” He pushed her away. “I didn’t let you see this to have your pity.” "Then why?" He looked at her. “So you could see there are worse people you can be forced to eat with.” Eun Sang stared at him. “Get out.” “Where’s your first aid kit?” “I said get out!” He shouted. “I can’t stand you looking at me like that.” She didn’t know why she reached out to touch his face. He flinched away from her, slapping her hand aside. Who had bandaged him before? Who had nursed his wounds in the past? He didn’t have a mother to care for him as Eun Sang had hers when she had been hurt. Did Young Do even have friends who would know how harshly his father treated him? “You’re not getting out?” “If you really wanted me to go you would have thrown me out.” He turned to her. “Should I do that then?” Eun Sang couldn’t look away from him. This boy who had no regard for other people’s tragedy was the same boy who had never been shown any regard either. Someone who had never received love, how could she expect him to show any? She was surprised he was even capable of showing as much civility as she’d seen him muster. Eun Sang moved toward his bathroom. She’d seen a first aid kit beneath the sink the last time she had been there looking for toilet paper. Young Do held her wrist. She glanced at him. He gently swept his thumb across her lips, swiping the blood away. His jaw clenched. “Stupid. Didn’t you learn anything from your time at Jeguk? You don’t ever stand in front of the bully.” "I couldn’t let you continue to get hurt." "Are we friends?" "I would have done the same for an enemy." "You’re a terrible liar." "If you know the answer then why do you ask?" He bit his lower lip, staring intently into her eyes. “Is that why you came to me the first time? To protect a friend?” “Isn’t that the reason why you used Moon Joon Young? Because you knew I would protect a friend?” “Can’t you ever answer any of my questions without one of your own?” “I’m going to get the first aid kit.” “Don’t you have to go to work?” Eun Sang looked at her wristwatch. “I’ll take you.” “Your father is—-” “I don’t give a damn about my father. If he’s going to crucify me anyways, it won’t matter if I act out one more time.” "Is he going to hurt you?" He cracked a smile. “Now are you worrying for me, Cha Eun Sang?” / / / / / / / / / / Eun Sang felt like a thief sneaking through the staff area and exiting through the service door. She was surprised that his father hadn’t placed men around to stop them. Was he so confident that Young Do was scared enough to not disobey? When he held out a helmet for her to wear Eun Sang hesitated. She had never ridden on a motorcycle and she wasn’t sure she wanted her first experience to be with someone as reckless as Young Do. "You won’t fall off if you hold on tight." How could he still make jokes after what had happened? Eun Sang was still shaken by the incident. He tapped her forehead, pushing her head back. “Hey! I thought you worked because you need money. Do you want to get fired?” Eun Sang took the helmet and put it on. She climbed onto the bike and grabbed him by the sweater. Young Do snatched her hands off and pulled her arms to wrap around his slender waist. “I thought I told you that you’d fall off if you don’t hold onto me tight.” Before she could protest, they were off, curving dangerously at the corner. Eun Sang clung to him, feeling completely vulnerable to the way the bike moved to the whim of his body. He went faster than allowed on purpose because each time he was forced to decrease speed due to traffic she’d hold him loosely. When they arrived at the cafe, Eun Sang quickly got off and handed the helmet back to him. He’d already taken his off. She bowed out of habit and turned to leave when he grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him. She thought he was yanking her as usual, to say something stupid, but she found herself being pulled flush against him until their lips met. He moved his hand to the small of her back, his other one curving against her cheek. His tongue ran the edge of her lips. She gasped in surprise at his boldness. He smiled against her mouth and deepened the kiss, making her heart beat ten times faster than it had when she’d been on his motorcycle. Eun Sang pushed at his chest and he bit her in retaliation for trying to get away, on the same spot where she’d already been bruised. She yelped in pain and pulled away from him. “That’s because I want you to think of me instead of my father when you feel the pain.” She gaped at him. “You’re insane.” "And you didn’t slap me." "Should I hit you now?" She lifted a hand threateningly. He caught her wrist easily. “Do you want me to deepen that bruise?” Eun Sang snatched her arm away. “I’m going.” He winked at her. “See you at dinner tomorrow, Cha Eun Sang.” / / / / Notes: This was a piece my friend Lina requested of me, as a sort of challenge / dare thing. She is majorly obsessed with Young Do x Eun Sang, and like many others, knows this ship is going to sink in the drama. This piece was meant as a one-shot, but I am continuing it. However, if you’d like, you can just leave it here — like this. A little moment with our ship that hasn’t sailed. I had fun writing this! http://sunkenshipsails.tumblr.com/youngdoxeunsang POSTED NOVEMBER 07, 2013 @ 21:04 WITH 95 NOTES
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you have to keep going! this is awesome!!!
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heya ... not my work ... will post other chapters soon ... :D
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