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A quick translation: Eunsang declares that she likes Tan, Tan says to her to stop being cute, she’s in a dangerous situation right now. Tan’s omma requests for the engagement to be called off. Won tells Tan if he hands over all his shares, return to the States and not come back, he will believe that Tan is not being ambitious. However, Tan expresses that he is going to change. Chairman Kim stops Tan from even going to school, he orders “If you can’t control him, it’s ok to hurt him”.
well, the heat is on, for kim tan ie. Not only the 'war' begins, attacking him from every four corner of the ring. Gosh. this drama is one of the most intense in respect of family feud, inheritance, power, obsession and whatnot. A this-happening-in-realtime for the rich & famous's world.
@rhovie24 ep.12..they play a golf w/yd dad and won...i hope that kim tan he nver let go eun sang...but i think eun sang she can...and i hope tan not given up and understand eun sang ...hmmm...i miss them...sweet couple..
I still remember but I am not sure which episode is that,when Tan says to YD that he is preparing for a bigger fight..hope KT is prepared enough for the up coming upside down of his life and not to let ES hands go..fighting uri TAN..
your right @dramacray that is love...if you love someone...you must be brave,strong and dont give up hold he's/her hand so tight...fighting...
Kim Tan is in for the fight of his life:love for Eun Sang, company shares, .
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