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Translations!! Ji Sook: Young Do is in 98th place. Ji Sook to Won: Do you know what place Tan is in? 100th. Won: In the whole country? Eun Sang: Kim Tan. Very handsome Kim Tan. Tan: Stop being cute. You’re very dangerous right now (or You’re in danger right now.) Eun Sang: I’ve come to like you. Ki Ae: I would like you to officially call off the engagement. Esther: Why do I have to talk about this type of important thing with the person in front of me? Ki Ae: I didn’t want to do this but… Tan: What do I have to do for you to believe me? Won: Give up your stocks and return to the US. And don’t come back. Tan: I’ve changed my mind. If you want my shares, then try to take them from me. Tan to Dad: Let me go to school. Dad: You don’t have to go. Dad to security guards: If this child is difficult to handle, you can hurt him. Woohee! It’s out. Tan is never going to live down placing 100th, is he? Leave it to Won to bring out his dry humor that can chafe sandpaper. And he continues to be prickly to Tan, but at least now Tan seems to have had enough of trying to be understanding with his brother. I don’t know what kind of trouble Ki Ae is going to get herself into by giving that envelope to Esther. It’s not looking good, because as we know, Ki Ae is not the brightest bulb in the room. Since we had a relatively lovey-dovey episode last week, of course the angst is here. Here comes K-drama dad to ruin everything. Oh, and Kim Woo Bin is keeping his hair down!!!!!
don't post video if it is private can we waatch it..
With just a few more episodes, we r in for a rush hour; unexpected events r cropping out ; more thrill than fast cars (oh, btw where Kim Tan's racy mobile?) Just love the scripts, no wonder the famed writer is the best! very catchy, cool, snappy and hitting the nose ( oops, mouth) right on target!
omg iam going crazy about next episode I hate his dad so much
i love the hair yongdo oppa