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420 - Cannabis Là Gì?
Có lẻ đối với nhiều người luôn thắc mắc câu hỏi 420 là gì? Nhưng tôi sẽ giải đáp cho bạn những thắc mắc này một cách đơn giản nhất. 420 như một mật mã đối với văn hóa cần sa, khi mà cần sa chưa được hợp pháp hóa có lẻ việc hút cần sa thực sự khó khăn nhỉ? Nó sẽ là một tâm điểm của nhiều sự chú ý và nhiều lơi bàn tán. Thực chất 420 là một mốc thời gian vào ngày 4/20, một ngày cực kỳ quan trọng trong hoạt động cần sa, cũng như đối với tổ chức xã hội. Vậy bạn có thắc mắc lịch sử 420 là gì? Lịch sử 420 Từ Đâu? Lịch sử của 420 được xuất phát từ một nhóm học sinh gồm 5 người ở một trường trung học phổ thông ở california, những học sinh này thường xuyên tập tụ ở những địa điểm là sau bức tượng Louis để hút cần với nhau vào lúc 4:20PM Từ từ nó trở thành một thói quen và lan truyền rộng rãi ra văn hóa cần sa như bây giời. Lễ Hội Cần Sa 4/20 Từ đó mà ở những nước ở Mĩ, bắc mỹ, australia, nước cộng hòa czech, đều tổ chức những buổi thiệc, những buổi tụ tập đông đủ, náo nhiệt để chia sẽ với nhau những điếu cần sa, quẩy nhạc, ăn uống,...Điều này như một truyền thống dân tộc khi được tự do hóa cần sa, hợp pháp hóa. Đặc biệt cần sa ở Hoa Kỳ có những lễ hội rất lớn, tụ tập, quy mô rộng lớn. Chắc chắn bạn sẽ thực sự kinh ngạc vào những gì mà ngày 4/20 ảnh hưởng, sức lan tỏa của nó cự kỳ lớn khi những người già, trẻ đều biết đến ngày đó dù họ không sử dụng cần sa,..... Thao khảo 420 là gì tại: Nhưng thực sự điều này là một ao ước đối với những Stoner ở Việt Nam phải không nào? Khi điều này ở Việt Nam thực sự khó khăn. Nhưng để hiểu rõ hơn bạn có thể tham khảo vấn đề này tại Homie Station - Máy Hóa Hơi chuyên nghiệp. Ở đó chúng tôi có những bài viết chi tiết về vấn đề 420 là gì? Cũng như giúp bạn hiểu rõ hơn những ý nghĩa sâu sắc từ nó đem lại. Tham khảo thêm:
5 Simple and Cheap Wedding Decorations during a Pandemic
Simple and inexpensive wedding decorations are often sought after by prospective brides who want to plan their wedding in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was done, on the grounds that there was a pandemic which forced him to limit guests. For most brides who hold receptions in the midst of a pandemic, usually only inviting relatives and family, to friends. Thus, they prefer to use simple and inexpensive wedding decorations. Although the prospective brides prefer simple and inexpensive wedding decorations, it cannot be denied that they also want to hold an event that looks luxurious. So, what are some simple and cheap wedding decorations that can look luxurious? 1. Minimalism This type of wedding decoration is said to be the most popular among prospective brides, during a pandemic like this. The characteristic of this minimalist wedding decoration, usually only relies on a backdrop that is not crowded and crowded. You only need a wooden frame backdrop, shaped like a goal, circle, hexagon and others. After that, the wooden backdrop was all that was needed to be decorated with fresh flowers, one color, and decorative lights. In front of the backdrop, you can place a two-seat sofa, or two single chairs, which is aesthetically pleasing to the bride and groom. 2. Backyard Party The next simple and inexpensive wedding decoration is the backyard wedding receptions concept. With a small number of guests, you can make the scope smaller and more intimate. You don't need a large backdrop, a backdrop measuring four meters will suffice. To get more into the backyard theme, you can use white flowers, green leaves, and wooden branches. You can hold it in the yard near the house. 3. Rustic Rustic themes for simple and inexpensive wedding decorations are also often chosen. This is because this theme will still look luxurious, even though all the materials are cheap and very simple. This is because it is assisted by items that are usually made of wood, natural color choices, as well as flower colors and decorations that can blend with other property colors. 4. Chandeliers Well, for those of you who want to hold a wedding party at night, maybe the inspiration for a simple and inexpensive wedding decoration, this chandelier-themed can be a consideration. The reason is, only by using hanging lamps, your wedding decorations will still look luxurious. The lights that are used as decorations, also help in beautiful lighting. Plus, you this idea as a backyard wedding reception checklist to give a romantic, yet calming impression. 5. Monochrome Next, there are simple and inexpensive monochrome wedding decorations. Monochrome themes are often used as a wedding concept, because they have a flexible impression and go with all colors. Monochrome also looks simple, elegant, and luxurious. So, for those of you who don't want to be complicated in choosing colors and so on, this theme can be the right choice. The material and properties are also not that much, so it won't cost you a lot. So, the budget can be used for other purposes.
How Did K-Pop Change You?
Shout Out to @KpopandKimchi for this great oppurtinity to share the most important thing in my life so far here's her card So 가자! Let's get started! . I never grow old of telling the story of how I first got into Kpop and how it saved me. Before kpop I had gotten out of a long relationship to discover why he loved me so much, what made me worth it, I also was at a lost at what to do with myself I was struggling to find a major in college because I had lost my passion for everything. I was at a job I didn't see a future in and had no hobbies. I was dull and had no direction in life. Then 내 안니, aka my big cousin introduced to 2 year hidden obsession. She had me, attractive guys, synchronized dancing, and bumping music(even through the language barrier, I liked anime so that wasn't much of a stretch, subtitles were made for a reason) 1. Gave Me a Goal (Short Term) So 언니 was planning for a concert a little after introducing me to this whole new world. Goals were made: -Save money and go with her. -Search for Music and learn more about the artist. -Listen to more of the music so I won't feel like an outsider at the concert. -Go To Concert. 2. Made Me Passionate (again) It rekindled a fire I thought dead. I was excited to go to a concert, excited to hang out with friends, excited to talk about something I liked again. 3. Made Me Social (again) Back in high school I had loads of associates that I could keep up conversation with. Talk about loads of different topics; School, classes, upcoming events, Harry Potter, Yu-gi-oh! and loads of just random stuff just to be random (gosh I miss my youth, the whole mess of it all). After I graduated I didn't immediately go to college so my only friends became my Boyfriend and little sister (not a way to live soon conversations are dull and agitation becomes easier). Now I'm apart of fandoms and actually talk to people on the streets that notice my kpop merch. 4. Made Me Smile (again) Music I was listening to prior to kpop wasn't really allowing me to emot, unless it was old quality gold. Western music at the time seemed so commercial and stupid, so inappropriate and mean. GOT7 my Ultimate Bias Group had come out with 딱좋아 aka Just Right around then and I was in love. 2016 was hard but music kept coming, I had plenty of ups and down including my dad passing and the loads of hospital visits that came along with it. Music kept me going. 5. Gave Me Goals (Long Term) So Kpop and Korean culture are my passion now. Almost everything I do now surrounds one or the other. -I'm learning Korean -Planning a trip to Korean -Planning More K-Concert trips -Creating content on my YouTube channel that revolves around Korean culture. Summary K-Pop didn't just change me, it gave me a whole new life and way of thinking. Without K-Pop I'd most likely still be dull and boring and not knowing what to do with my life. This has been your favorite Kpop, Kworld fandom trainee, just a trainee. Elisha 입나다 aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better. I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 <3
BTS Fan Art Friday~
안녕하세요! Hey, Everyone!! It's been a while!! I know I haven't been active here for a long time but I promise you that I have been lurking here every so often. On to the topic of today's card. Today is Fan art Friday in the BTS Community!! This weeks featured member is: Park Jimin~ I originally meant to use these two photos and I have personally drawn for Writer Wednesday but I took too long drawing the both of them. So, I have decided to use them for today since it still fits into today's theme~ I hope you like them~ It was supposed to have text on it saying: BTS Writer Wednesday. But right now there is no point to leave the words on there LOL I rushed drawing the both of these, so it isn't great LOL Can you guess what photos were used as reference?? XDD Until Next Time~ ❤BANGTAN ARMY TEAM❤ @Yugykookie97 @Mochiroon @MelissaGarza ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤ @amandamuska  @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul  @gabstar143  @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG  @ifitnessvn @Ilovephases @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @JJiBin @jiminiebae @jkenshayla @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929  @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @kpopfan88 @Kyla05 @MelissaGarza @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rebeccariley52 @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @soobak @Starbell808 @szewwy @Taekookimonster  @Tiffiedannie @wolfyplayzyv @YourHentaiWaifu @yukigintokie     *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist*
Cannabis Pain Relief — New Hope for People with Chronic Pain
Pain is a completely natural human reaction. Essentially, it is a series of signals sent to your brain, signifying that something is wrong. For example, when you touch a hot stove, your skin's sensory receptors send messages throughout your nervous system until it reaches the brain. There, information is processed, and pain is perceived. Most types of pain go away after a few minutes or hours. It is referred to as acute pain, which can easily be diagnosed and treated. On the other hand, some people might experience pain more constantly. This condition, known as chronic pain, can last for up to six months or longer. Over 1 billion people around the world suffer from chronic pain. When the symptoms start to go beyond pain alone and the patient experiences anxiety or irritability, their condition is called chronic pain syndrome (CPS). In the UK, one out of four adults is affected by CPS, suffering from poor mental health and wellbeing. There is currently no cure for CPS; however, treatments are available to relieve pain and other symptoms. Counselling, physical therapy, and over-the-counter medications are all common treatments for chronic pain. Recently, there has been a development regarding the treatment of CPS. Several medical experts have been recommending the use of cannabis for pain relief — an uncommon but highly effective solution. What are the benefits of using cannabis for pain relief? 1.Medical cannabis does not cause a high. The primary component of medicinal cannabis products is cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical that can ease overall discomfort. Unlike another chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. Instead, it simply helps reduce inflammation, nausea, and anxiety. 2.Cannabis for pain relief is backed by research. Studies have found that treating chronic pain with medical cannabis improves pain and health-related quality of life. Additionally, cannabis showed no serious adverse effects on clinical trial participants. However, they experienced mild side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and increased appetite. 3.Cannabis has many other benefits. Aside from treating chronic pain, cannabis is known to improve lung capacity, ease depression, and regulate seizures. However, before you use cannabis for pain relief, consult with a medical expert to see if the treatment is appropriate for you. About the Author: Sapphire Medical Clinics provide doctors and patients with an expert opinion on their medical condition. Patients are seen by a consultant who specialises in their condition. We are here for clinicians who’ve yet to find an effective solution to challenging medical conditions, and for patients who’ve been referred to us to establish the next stage of treatment.