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letmewatchthis - watch thor the dark world online free movie streaming
letmewatchthis - watch thor the dark world online free movie streaming : http://youtu.be/2cC9RnVzRvs Thor is still a second tier character when it comes to Marvel superheroes (the guy just isn't that interesting) but his franchise has, in only two starring films, become the most interesting. The scope of the Thor movies seems infinite. Whereas the other Marvel heroes are Earthbound and straightforward, Thor transports an audience to all sorts of alien worlds/cultures/conflicts, all of which open up more tantalizing storytelling avenues. Nothing seems out of place in a setting such as this, and so the surprises are more satisfying. I thought the best parts of 2011's Thor were the Asgard moments, less the strained fish-out-of-water comedy of Thor assimilating on Earth. Thankfully, almost all of Thor 2 takes place off Earth save for a rousing, creative, inter-dimensional hopscotch of a climax. The realm of Asgard is given suitable scope thanks to the screenwriters and first-time feature film director Alan Taylor, who worked in TV for years. Taylor's notable work on HBO's Game of Thrones is probably what got him this gig, and his vision with fantasy is given significant breadth here. The Thor universe is an interesting mix of fantasy and sci-fi, reminiscent of Star Wars, and Taylor provides the necessary sweeping visuals, exciting action, and glorious shirtless close-ups we come to expect from our fantasy vistas. I was consistently impressed with Taylor's command of visuals and shot selection, particularly how the man was able to juggle the various tones and needs of the script while still keeping an exposition-heavy film fun and light. Alan Taylor delivers a hammer of a good time in Thor: The Dark World.For what transpires throughout this picture, the 2 hour run time, which includes the material after the closing credits, comes across as a bit lengthy. It's mostly due to the fact that the story never feels as epic as it should be; however, it entertains from start to finish, with some humorous comedic moments thrown in.The heavy reliance on CG effects is to be expected and this picture looks stunning with them. The battle in the finale is a notable viewing.Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman reprise their roles without fail. Tom Hiddleston and Christopher Eccleston are scene stealers in their own right. Jaimie Alexander deserves more screen time.When all is said and done, Thor: The Dark World finds itself as a Marvel movie worth the viewing. Now throw that Mjolnir. Watch Thor the dark world online, thor the dark world full movie 2013
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