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Modsdive, 모즈다이브 Facebook: Twitter: @modsdive
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@divalycious I am glad you love it. This song might be available on iTunes. If you want to listen to Modsdive's other songs, I am pretty sure that you could find them on iTunes.
@sooteaamo ... i'm definitely gonna look them ... continue to post alternative to K-pop ... I'm fairly new to both genres ... my first preference being Rock ... given the fact that i don't understand the language ... my access is limited ... any and all suggestions will be welcome :D
@divalycious Then, you might get help from Koreanindie(, where you could watch videos on artists' live performances and interviews.
@divalycious Though they recommend musicians from various genres, they usually talk about Rock musicians and Electronic musicians.
@sooteaamo ... ahh man that's kool ... really awesome ... thanks a ton! hopefully the interviews are subbed ... teeheehee