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The VW Golf has been around for 7 generation, with the most recent one being released in 2013. I will break down all 7 generations, starting first with first Generation, the Volkswagen Mk1 (aka the Volkswagen Rabbit). Presented in May 1974, designed by Italian Giorgetto Giugiro, it was not replaced until 1983. Volkswagen presented the first-generation Golf as a modern front-wheel-drive, long-range replacement for the Volkswagen Beetle. It was a water-cooled, front wheel drive design in a hatchback body style. It featured firmly sprung and damped, independent Macpherson strut front suspension and semi-independent Twist-beam rear suspension, that maneuvered well without being too uncomfortable. There was a minor facelift in 1980 which saw the adoption of larger rear lamp clusters (more in line with Giugiaro's original concepts), moulded black plastic bumpers, a new dashboard with a more modern-looking instrument display featuring LED warning lights, and for US versions rectangular headlights. This was the last major update before the arrival of the Mark 2 in 1983. The Rabbit, as it was known where I am from, was one of those cars that cannot be forgotten bc of its contribution to the automobile scene.