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Guys Filming a Storm Has The Biggest Scare of His Life

A Norweigan man was filming the incoming lighting storm that was near his home.

A few seconds later is got a LOT nearer to his home.

He got it all on tape too - check it out!

Damn 😨😨
almost pissed myself😂😂😂💀
wow that's crazy,scary and interesting
I wouldn't have even gone outside. They could've died!!!!!
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Amazing Video Makes Our Rape Culture Very Obvious.
Trigger Warning: This video (and card) speaks about sexual assault and domestic violence. CARE Norway team decided that it was time to remind us that 1 in 3 women world wide will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. So they made this video that forces us to accept that we are the reason that sexual violence is so prevalent. Because all those jokes that are "just jokes" leads to a mentality that is way more dangerous then a kid just looking for a few laughs. Check out the video below of a girl speaking to her father; explaining that because she is a female, things will be a lot different then they were for him growing up. My favorite line;"I will be born a girl. Please do everything you can so that that wont stay the greatest danger of them all." So now I ask you, how many times have you been called a bitch, a whore, a slut? Or have heard someone called those names? Or have called someone that? How many times has a girl been insulted and dehumanized because she rejected someone? How many times have we been told to not get to drunk while our male counterparts need not worry about anything but how much money they have for drinks? How many times have you heard a rape joke? How many times did people laugh at it? "I can really be a bitch sometimes." Because of the way these words are thrown so casually after a rejection, we girls start to believe it. We start to doubt our feelings, believe the insults, worry that we aren't "being to outspoken," since since the dawn of time women have been told to keep their mouths shut. Constant insults after the word "no" trains us to believe we are in the wrong. Accepting rape jokes makes people believe that sexual assault isn't a big deal; that it can be brushed off with a laugh or an awkward chuckle. So for the love of god, next time you hear a rape joe, don't laugh. Because like she said, there is some truth behind every joke. And every time you accept behavior like that, you are making the rape culture we live in stronger, and putting women's lives more at risk.
Creative BioMart Provides a Complete Set of Protein Engineering Services
Creative BioMart, a leading supplier in the life science community, provides a complete set of services to enable protein engineering for various applications supported by multiple technologies. Up to now, thousands of researchers have benefited from those services in improving or generating proteins with new and desired functions. The main purpose of protein engineering is to identify specific changes in the amino acid sequence and to alter this sequence for desired functional properties. Generally, two approaches have emerged in protein engineering: i) computational simulation based on modern computer technology, called rational design; and ii) experimental/molecular methods based on natural evolutionary themes, called directed evolution. Scientists at Creative BioMart have developed both methods to provide a reliable path of protein engineering from a starting point of gene information to final optimized proteins. According to the information on Creative BioMart’s official website, Creative BioMart protein engineering platforms include: Directed evolution Phage display platform E. coli display platform Yeast display platform Special cell-based display platform Cell-free display platform Rational design Sequence-based design Structure-based design De novo design Library construction Random mutagenesis Site directed mutagenesis DNA recombination “The protein engineering field is expanding rapidly for the last two decades in both the industrial and health care sectors. With years of experience and advanced technologies, we have been an expert known to the research community. We can also provide custom services according to your specific needs.” Commented Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart. To get more detailed information about the protein engineering services offered by Creative BioMart, you can visit About Creative BioMart Starting from a small supplier of proteins and enzymes for academic institutes and biotech companies, Creative BioMart has always been focusing on developing high quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques. Over the past decade, our products and services are proved to have served our customers well and our brand has become one of the most trustworthy in the market.
Why AIYCSM is better than others ?
1. It is a National Programme in Information Technology Education and Development. 2. Registered under the Trust Act - 1882 govt. of India - ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION is an autonomous institution registered under the Trust Act - 1882 govt. of India 3. A Core project register under Govt. of India N.C.T New Delhi- ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION is registered under govt. of India N.C.T New Delhi 4. Trade Mark Registered - ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION & AIYCSM LOGO is registered under Trade mark registry department, Govt. of India. Act-1999. 5. AN ISO 29990:2010 & 9001:2015 Certified - ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION IS AN ISO 29990:2010 & 9001:2015 Certified Organisation 6. Registered under labour and employment - Employment and Training Directorate under Labour and Employment Ministry, Government of India, New Delhi has permit to register trained students of ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION in Employment Exchange of every district of India under the basis of National Classification of Occupation code [N.C.O.] 7. Appreciation- AIYCSM is awarded with the Appreciation Letters from President of India, Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister, Chief Minister of different states, Governor, Information and Technology Minister and other honourable personnel of the country for its excellent work practices and a wide network. 8. Planning Commission of Govt. of India - ALL INDIA TOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION is a registered organisation from planning commission of Govt. of India, New Delhi under NGO partnership system, for organising all training program of planning commission. 9. All courses are registered under MHRD - All courses OF AIYCSM under C.R. Act of Department of Secondary and Higher Education of Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD). 10. 500+ Authorized Study Centre (ASC) - AIYCSM is working across whole nation with almost 500+ Authorized Study Centre (ASC) and a wide network in 24 states of the country. 11. Member of respected organisation -It’s an honour for AIYCSM for being appointed as respected Members like Computer Society of India, Microsoft. 12. Quality Education - In each centre of AIYCSM trained faculties are providing the computer education. Other than basic education other co-curricular activities like educational tour, cultural events, personality development programmes are as well emphasized by the centres of AIYCSM. 13. Online Registration - All students are registered through online mode so that they can easily trace their registration details. 14. Online Verification - AIYCSM has an attractive feature of online verification for Certificates / Mark sheets related information, so that centres and students can verify their queries related to their Certificates/ Mark sheets by using their registration number 15. Examination Mode (Online/Offline) - Examinations are organized by the centres of AIYCSM in both the mode i.e., online or offline as per the requirement and ease of the students. 16. Printed Study Material - AIYCSM provides printed study material for all students enrolled in different courses. In addition to Hindi and English, study material is available in regional languages such as Hindi and Bangla. 17. ID card - An attractive ID card is issued to all registered students under different courses of AIYCSM. 18. Transfer Facility - Students enrolled in centre of AIYCSM can get transfer facility in other centre within the state 19. University Courses - AIYCSM is also indulging in promotion of higher education at low cost to its students nationwide, for that it act as an Academic Counsellor of different university courses. 20. Placement Coordinator - AIYCSM has appointed Placement Coordinators with an aim to provide employment to the students who have passed AICSM courses. Thousands of students have been placed in different countries around the globe. 21. National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) - ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION is an authorised training partner of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) of GOVT. of India, New Delhi, for organising skill development training programs. 22. National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM)- ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION is an authorised training partner of govt. of India's National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) Project. 23. Govt. of India Schemes - AIYCSM is an approved / registered organization to organize free skill development training program of Govt. of India and various State Govt. 24. Lowest Fees - In all centres of AIYCSM, computer education and training is provided at lowest cost while maintaining the quality of the education. For empowerment of SC/ST category and other financially weaker section of the society AIYCSM launch various scholarship programmes time to time.
Cultivating future development for the Eicher Tractors industry
Let us center a touch of around work vehicles. Indeed, July demonstrated an unprecedented expansion in farm truck deals. Yet, one must not fail to remember that during the lockdown time frame, for the quarter April to June, farm trucks deals dropped by very nearly 14 percent over a similar quarter a year ago. For the financial specialist network, subsequently, it is essential to have a drawn out vision and not get influenced by month to month deals numbers. Here, we jump profound into the advancement of the farm truck industry in India, the difficulties it appearances, and its development possibilities Eicher Tractors prices . After Independence, the Central Tractor Organization (CTO) was set up to advance the utilization of farm vehicles in agribusiness. In 1951, the farm truck industry was remembered for the "Center Sector" of arranged monetary turn of events and was additionally positioned under the "permit raj". Curiously, even until 1960, the interest for farm haulers was being met completely through imports. It was distinctly in 1961 that two organizations, Eicher Tractors Ltd (in a joint effort with Gebr, Eicher Tractor enfabrik of West Germany) and Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE) (as a team with Messey Ferguson of UK), began fabricating work vehicles in India. In 1965, Mahindra and Mahindra hopped in the brawl in a joint effort with the International Tractor Company of India. Subsequently, homegrown creation of work vehicles rose from 880 units in 1961-62 to 5,000 units in 1965-66. In any case, in 1967, the public authority forced a legal value control on locally created work vehicles to shield ranchers from excessive costs. This value control was renounced uniquely in 1974. The Green Revolution gave a fillip to the interest for farm vehicles to meet the squeezing need of finishing convenient activities in agribusiness. Thus, the public authority chose to welcome extra business visionaries into work vehicle producing in 1968. In 1971, Escorts Tractors Ltd was set up and begun producing Ford farm haulers in a joint effort with Ford, UK. A few other homegrown makers, for example, VST Tillers and Tractors Ltd, additionally put resources into the business. Strangely, in 1974, Punjab Tractors Ltd turned into the principal public area organization to produce farm trucks with indigenous innovation. It delivered the principal agrarian farm vehicle – "Swaraj". With the appearance of numerous new parts in the farm vehicle industry, creation crossed the 30,000-mark in 1974-75. In 1982, the indigenous Mahindra brand of farm haulers was likewise dispatched. Notwithstanding, it was uniquely in 1991 that farm hauler producing was totally de-authorized in India. This was a milestone occasion — it expanded rivalry, improved quality, and offered more decisions to the ranchers. Today, India is the biggest maker of work vehicles (barring sub-20 pull (hp) belt-driven farm trucks utilized in China), trailed by the US and China. Farm hauler creation in India shot up from 139 thousand of every 1991 to just about 900 thousand units in 2018-19. Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) has arisen as the biggest player with a 40 percent portion of the market (FY 2019) trailed by TAFE (with Eicher Motors) – 18.4 percent. In 2018-19, India sent out very nearly 90,000 farm haulers to different nations going from the US to African countries. This talks about an "atmanirbhar" and serious industry. What added to this accomplishment of the farm vehicle industry? To begin with, the de-authorizing of 1991 was a harbinger of significant change in the business. Second, the accessibility of bank credit for purchasing farm haulers helped the market to develop. Keep in mind, just about 95 percent of work vehicles are purchased on bank credit. Be that as it may, over the long run, this achievement is likewise preparing an issue. Miniature reviews uncover that farm haulers are not being utilized proficiently – their utilization in many states drifts around 500-600 hours of the year contrasted and a benchmark figure of 800-1,000 hours for productive use. This is prompting "overcapitalisation of homesteads" in certain pieces of India, particularly in the Punjab/Haryana belt. The advanced economy offers an occasion to reduce expenses, increment benefit of development and subsequently extend the farm truck market as well as decrease drudgery in ranch work. The "Uberisation model" could make farm hauler benefits entirely distinct, available and reasonable even by smallholders without claiming the machine. The public authority is boosting custom employing focuses through capital sponsorships – to all the more likely keep their administration and activities under hidden business visionaries if India is to develop and accomplish ranch proficiency with comprehensiveness. Agri new businesses and trailblazers of the advanced world need to enter this field and advance effective use of homestead hardware.