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Spelling with Kpop Idols
So after a long conversation it led to an interesting challenge, if we could spell each others names with Idols names.
Succeeded! to find E names and A names are harder to find then we thought.
Okay so here we go!

Jenni First!
J - Jennie from BlackPink
E- Edawn from Pentagon
N- Nayeon from Twice
N- Namjoon from BTS
I - I.M from Monsta X

there we have me! Jenni! lol
Next up Is Sarah! @SugakookieV

S - Suga from BTS
A - Aliee
R - Rap Monster from bts. ( hehehe Joonie used twice!)
A- Amber from FX
H - Hoseok from BTS

Sarah! lol oh boy you know she's all bout bts when she tried doing her whole name with theirs. lol

Now its Dani's turn! @Lilytiger84
you know who we start out with for her?
D- D.O Kyungsoo! that's who!
A- Adachi Yuta from NCT. (lol yes! got his first name in there)
N- N from Vixx.
I- Im seulong from 2 am. (holy cow!)

Dani! Yey we got all 3 names! lol that was a super fun challenge at . . . 2 am. lol. oh boy I see what I did there. (legit its 2 am at the moment lol)

Anyone wants to try it out, give it a shot! or drop a name, its a fun challenge to see if you can spell out your name.

Fam tag! For everything!

sure I think the results is going to be awesome😉
well my actually name is Tina
ooo can I do your name in Idols??? 💙🐼💙🐼💙
Yuta or Yuto i think Yuto is from Pentagon & Yuta is from NCT127.
oh my gosh. thanks for the correction, it is nct
@SweetDuella no biggie his Yuta's last name Nakamoto too lol
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