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miss A‘s Suzy has finally responded to the “love call” that actor Jung Woo Sung sent to the young actress. Back in June, the handsome actor shared on MBC’s “Section TV: Entertainment News” that he would like to act in a melodrama with Suzy, joining the long list of male celebrities who hope to work with the “Nation’s First Love.” On November 24 during an interview with the same program, Suzy revealed what she thinks of the senior actor’s love call. When asked if she minds the age difference of 21 years, the idol expressed her honest opinion, “I think that age does not matter.” She then continued to send a video message to Jung Woo Sung, “Sunbaenim, I really enjoyed the movie ‘Cold Eyes.’ Thank you.” Suzy also shared a few words about her funny habit of staring at people for too long and too intensively, “I only realized it when other people started telling me about it. I have a tendency to stare at people with a piercing gaze,” and gave the viewers a taste of her adorable habit.