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Sooooo ... here's my TWO cents ... what's with all this f&%$&g NUDITY!! do these artists feel that their music isn't good enuf that they have to bare all!! Here's to autobot programming, SIGH!! KIDS learn to play an instrument ... it all boils down to the human element that is lost ... listen to Dave Grohl's [my idol ... no one comes close okay there are a few, but that's on another rant] GRAMMY acceptance speech ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuAo7aFiQEI ... nicely summed up for us. I'm pretty certain, bands like CN Blue, FT Island or Modsdive [just discovered them today] do not have to resort to these theatrics ... OkAy ... RANT complete ... I'm done ... read on ... CL's explanation below the xxxx's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx On November 25, CL of 2NE1 revealed the reason behind the nude scene in the music video for their new single, “Missing You,” showcasing her own artistic vision. “When I heard ‘Missing You,’ I had the thought that there were no clothes that go with the song, and I wanted to honestly express the loneliness and sadness of being alone.” http://www.imideo.com/image/fea765993649e76fe0eca6b9c6a2eabd/148138 Billboard compared CL’s nude scene to that of Miley Cyrus’s in “Wrecking Ball,” and said that CL portrayed sadness much better and carried it out in a much more classy way. She continued about the song, “I like all of 2NE1’s songs, and there are those songs that really move me, and this is one of them. Our members really reflected a lot while recording this song.” Sandara Park talked about one of Park Bom’s parts in the song, where she sings, “My young love ends like this,” and said that she started crying really hard at the thought of separation and of how precious time is. Along with their promotions for “Missing You,” in March of next year, 2NE1 will be going on a world tour, starting with Seoul and Hong Kong, and going through Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc.