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cr: jooni.com Ji Sook: Young Do is in 98th place. Ji Sook to Won: Do you know what place Tan is in? 100th. Won: In the whole country? Eun Sang: Kim Tan. Very handsome Kim Tan. Tan: Stop being cute. You’re very dangerous right now (or You’re in danger right now.) Eun Sang: I’ve come to like you. Ki Ae: I would like you to officially call off the engagement. Esther: Why do I have to talk about this type of important thing with the person in front of me? Ki Ae: I didn’t want to do this but… Tan: What do I have to do for you to believe me? Won: Give up your stocks and return to the US. And don’t come back. Tan: I’ve changed my mind. If you want my shares, then try to take them from me. Tan to Dad: Let me go to school. Dad: You don’t have to go. Dad to security guards: If this child is difficult to handle, you can hurt him.