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The Wednesday-Thursday drama battle between the three main channels is still on its merry way. Three weeks into the fight, the winner and the loser (for the time being) are becoming ever clearer. KBS2’s Bridal Mask is said to have taken the crown for the first phase. Bridal Mask and SBS’ Ghost are in a close race for the lead, and MBC’s I Do I Do has fallen behind. From the numbers up to now, one can conclude that Ju Won is on the rise and the trustworthy Kim Sun Ah card isn’t working as well. The June 14 broadcast of Bridal Mask recorded 14.5 percent viewership ratings (AGB Nielsen Media Research), 1.1 percent lower than its previous episode’s. Its ratings did dip somewhat, but it still managed to stay at the top for its time slot. It’s gathered a strong base of viewers in their 40s and 50s, and the story has started to get on track. Ju Won proved again with Bridal Mask that he was meant for success following his roles in KBS2’s Baker King, Kim Tak Goo and Ojakgyo Brothers. So far, he′s put three dramas in a row at the top of their time slots. This feat can’t be explained away by pure luck. I Do I Do, which gathered much expectation, however, came in last with 10 percent. It rose 1 percent compared to its last, but the numbers don’t seem to live up to the name of the ‘Queen of Romcom’ Kim Sun Ah. The fight is still on, though, as Ghost, which was expected to up its game, fell to 10.7 percent ratings. The dramas still have a chance depending on how their stories go, but whether Kim Sun Ah will be able to stop the sprinting Bridal Mask in its tracks is yet to be seen. Will the battle end as Bridal Mask’s landslide win or will Ghost or I Do I Do get it to go on a run for its money? The three-way battle between Ju Won, So Ji Sub and Kim Sun Ah continues. src: enewsworld
it depends on what are you looking for....
Gaksital & Ghost are soo good! I do I do is lagging so much and its past the halfway mark that its drivingme insane... it seriously needs a face lift
not impressed with Bridal Mask, stopped watching after the first episode.