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With Bridal Mask taking the lead after the first broadcast, the public’s interest in Jin Se Yeon is also rising. Compared to Ju Won, who is fairly known through Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, Ojakyo Brothers, and 1 Night, 2 Days, Jin Se Yeon is unfortunately not as known, despite her stable performance as the main character in SBS’ My Daughter Kkonnimi. As a recent high school graduate, a freshman at Chung-Ang University, a rookie actress who started with SBS’ It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter in 2010, and an “actress who isn’t fake” coined by Ju Won, Jin Se Yeon met with enews and participated in a simple ‘Yes or No’ interview. After seeing Ju Won in real life, are you attracted to him? “As a man? I’m not sure. I’ll go with ‘No.’ I’ve never dated anyone to this point or really like anyone as a man. Perhaps I’ll grow feelings like that as I get a little bit older. During my school days, I was the type to like everyone in class instead of just one person.” Are you confident with your body? “No! I’m in the process of exercising and making a pretty body. As of right now, I can’t say anything. Even if it’s not a crazy diet, I watch what I eat and exercise on the treadmill before I sleep. If I don’t eat before exercise, well, the next day is quite difficult.” Are there areas you want to fix? “Yes! I have chubby cheeks. Every old lady has told me, “On screen, you look very round and flat.” At first, I didn’t think too much about it, but because they keep saying it repeatedly, I even cried about it. Sometimes, I look at the TV and think, “This isn’t right,” and I skip a meal. When I lose a little weight, it’s a bit better. Would you go nude if the production is good? “Yes. If I feel that the nudity is really needed for a scene, I will do it. But if it appears out of nowhere, probably not. At the moment, if it’s a needed scene, then yes.” Do you think you’ll get the rookie award? “Ah…this…Is it okay to say yes? Right now, I’m putting my all into Bridal Mask with getting a rookie acting award in 2012 as a goal. I’ll do my best to make sure the drama receives good feedback and to get good results for myself as well.” src: enewsworld
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If I was Juwon, sorry to say, but I wouldn't be interested in Seyeon. I'd rather be attracted to the girl he dances with in the drama, haha!