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At his worst ?

When do you think Sasuke was at his worst ? As evil, I would say MS Sasuke (not EMS Sasuke) was the coldest and most Evil because he was already angry and wanted revenge on itachi and then he found out about itachis mission And he just got even Angrier even more sad and was even more hungry for revenge he had a lot of blood lust and he was basically on a rampage . He wanted to kill Danzo and destroy the hidden leaf and if anyone was in his way he would show no mercy towards them , just like in the picture he was ready to kill Sakura and kakashi even knew he meant to kill her and then He still wanted to kill kakashi for also getting in his way and not only that but the uchiha are cursed by hatred
the stronger your sharingans got the colder you got along with your
and Sasuke just got the MS
also kakashi
probably been killed in this fight if
was at full power, just one use of of kakashi's MS and he was already tired like Sasuke as if he had gone through a tough battle But if the battle had gone on both were drained so they would've fought with taijutsu and shuriken 😂