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"On Saturday night, 9-1 Oklahoma State faced an undefeated Baylor team that came in averaging 61 points per game. The Cowboys won 49-17, with 14 of the Bears' points coming well after the outcome had been decided. It was without question one of the most impressive victories by any team this season, perhaps topped only by Florida State's 51-14 win at Clemson on Oct. 19. On Sunday, when the new BCS standings were released, the Cowboys were ranked seventh, behind three other one-loss teams (Auburn, Missouri and Clemson). None of those squads has a win remotely of the same caliber as Oklahoma State's rout of Baylor. Heck, Clemson has not beaten an opponent currently ranked in the Top 25. But the Tigers are ranked sixth because, well, they've been slotted ahead of the Cowboys all year. Why change things now? That's how polling has always worked in the BCS era." Indeed, the BCS system is remarkably flawed in the sense that you are judged more by your losses than by your victories. The article goes on to make some very good points on the problems of the dying BCS structure and the possibilities of the new rules