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"The Heirs" napping The cast of "The Heirs" are struggling with sleep. Images of the cast trying to make most of their 5 minutes of shut eye to re-energize themselves, were revealed on the 26th of November. They seem to take a nap anywhere whenever it's break time. Suffering from late night filming in chilly weather, the actors and actresses nap wherever they can but then go back to acting without a hint of exhaustion. Lee Min-ho and Park Sin-hye who are the main characters of the drama, are struggling with just 2~3 hours of sleep every day. Lee Min-ho can be seen dozing off whenever he can and Park Sin-hye also tries to get some shut eye but wakes up without a hint of puffiness. Kim Woo-bin in the role of Choi Yeong-do did his best during his scene and fell asleep right away in the 5 minutes that was given to him while standing by. The way he sleeps is different from the charisma he displays when he's awake. Kim Ji-won-I quietly fell asleep in a corner after a scene and re-energized himself as well. Hyung Sik was caught sleeping with a jumper over his head during break time. Park Sin-hye had caught him sleeping and took a picture of him with her cellphone. Hwa and Dam Pictures claim, "Everyone is trying to manage with short naps and are doing their best".
ohh soo sad of them ... fighting!! but lmh looks good even when he is sleeping;-)
wow I felt so sad they look very tired but we love sll of you
aww..kesiannye~ so true!! lee min ho is so good looking and...cute hehe :*