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So much to talk about, so little space to write it out in. Despite some really serious issues going on, they didn’t spare some of the cuteness I so love when I watch dramas. http://www.imideo.com/image/72e0d80558d8489b5089f8af355b462e/148491 So who shined more than some others and who else is saying “I told you so?” to Tan? *raises hand slowly* 1] More Consequences For Telling the Truth? http://www.imideo.com/image/e6b00667b5f8f0a46db3bdff43dde047/148530 http://www.imideo.com/image/5d3359dbf54c38d8790dbc0ab3c20c5c/148531 I’ll admit that I was so happy that the truth was (FINALLY) revealed about who Tan’s birth mother was, but I was a little scared about the possible repercussions. We find out from Ji Sook, who is rightfully peeved, that they didn’t cover up Tan’s birth just for the heck of it. It was covered up due to his father’s siblings who are all still upset about getting kicked out and not getting the company; she says he’s still being sued after so long. Tan’s birth was covered up so the company wouldn’t be taken away and other business things I don’t know much about. I know Tan didn’t foresee this because he looked surprised at hearing the news, but I was expecting a better response than what she got. 3] Ki Ae Uses Eun Sang As Tanny Bait http://www.imideo.com/image/ab56a798e0f65337fe0ee287e38abadb/148532 http://www.imideo.com/image/55de1f30ba319214a9e7c5b16c6d43e7/148533 Oh goodness it’s so hard to choose just one Han Ki Ae moment or scene, this woman is seriously hilarious. I love how she went to use Eun Sang as bait to see her son and then asked her to come home. It was more than just for her son, you can see she actually cares about Eun Sang like she’s her own daughter. Ki Ae’s personality is somewhat like Bo Na’s where they think they’re meaner than they really are. Both have kind hearts despite what they try to show. Ki Ae is doing her best because she doesn’t want her son to suffer from her own mistakes. 4] Chan Young and Bo Na Fight… http://www.imideo.com/image/8dc280949055cb17a213bc60f65c6d2e/148534 http://www.imideo.com/image/7fcbe6ea8383ccfafa55de7e24cf1e53/148535 Stemming from Ye Sol telling Bo Na that Eun Sang may steal him and he’s too lower class for her, Rachel outing Ye Sol’s secret and then tricking Bo Na into sitting at the “charity case” table (Like what we saw Young Do do in earlier episodes). Bo Na was clearly upset, not at the fact that Chan Young is a charity case, but at Ye Sol insulting her about being too good for her boyfriend, though Chan Young think she’s embarrassed. She’s offended at his statement and walks off. Then we witness them avoiding each other and Bo Na feigning an injury to get his attention. He keeps on walking and smiles, but tells Eun Sang later that Bo Na was being so cute. He says it was hard for him to keep walking. 5] …Chan Young and Bo Na Make Up http://www.imideo.com/image/8d130f4a9c3102aa95ca5b47108d3116/148542 http://www.imideo.com/image/8b7e0e0484675fe622e1a5a6ffb5b468/148543 Can’t talk about their fight without including their make up. After telling Chan Young to make up with her before someone steals ‘pretty Bo Na’, Eun Sang is with her and Hyo Shin in the broadcasting room waiting on Bo Na to give the announcements. She’s whining/asking Eun Sang if she told Chan Young how sorry she is and how she’s repenting despite Hyo Shin telling her to stop talking. He then turns on the mic (she’s in the broadcasting booth) so Chan Young can hear. Bo Na says that she can’t breathe without him and he’s her air, she feels like she’s in outer space. He hears this and looks for her, but she’s mortified and thinks he’s about to break up with her so she runs away with him chasing her. Hyo Shin quips that he would have never done that if he knew that was coming. We then see Bo Na handing out invitations to their party for making up. She’s excited despite Young Do telling her it’s embarrassing. At the party they’re being congratulated for making up and they’re all cutesy together. Makes me despise being single sometimes.