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Young Do and His Heartbreak http://www.imideo.com/image/64b9df8291baddbd0cde49af56ff2b41/148545 http://www.imideo.com/image/72096d69af3661ed2a2b8098c9357aa0/148546 Well, he’s officially been rejected and he takes it like any tough 18-year-old…he vows to torture everyone else but her and that includes himself. Goodness it was just sad seeing him just lay around or to looks so depressed. It’s his first time feeling genuine love for someone, he’s just confused and makes stupid decisions. We can see he finally gets it, but still tells Eun Sang that she can call him if she needs to, knowing she won’t. I am hoping she will one day just make his day brighter. Young Do-ah, don’t be sad. You can lean on my shoulder. Hyo Shin’s Mom Is Scary http://www.imideo.com/image/c67ca51931f96115d56f551c59529bc3/148548 http://www.imideo.com/image/a5d3c9ea80d6908d9236142a0266e9cb/148549 We’ve seen how his family is and how his mother pays little to no attention to him, but this is our first time seeing him break down. Hyo Shin is at home when his mom walks in with a suit for his college interview, he missed it when he was out all night with Tan so Mommy Dearest pulls some strings as the wife of the Attorney General to get him in. He’s upset that she’s abusing their position and yells that he doesn’t know if he can live, she scoffs saying his threats to his life have no affect on her. then says she’s helping him not give up on himself. Needless to say, he went to the interview and pretty much stated that he never applied before despite his mother’s fake medical story. Next he goes to his entrance exam, but we don’t see him go in the gates. Hmmm, wonder if he actually goes… Tan and Eun Sang Cuteness http://www.imideo.com/image/84534c56f2b1111cf1250277fe64fb21/148551 http://www.imideo.com/image/c776696f12564c000cdb98354a81ae35/148552 I couldn’t leave out their relationship moments now that they’re official together. Their new found relationship consists of constant hand holding and back hugs. I think the most defining moment is the beginning of episode 13 when Eun Sang just hugs Tan while on her tip toes. He doesn’t answer her why he’s crying, but she just goes in for it. She actually smiled quite a bit this week; she looked happier than she’d been in a long time. Guess having Kim Tan as your boyfriend does have its perks ;) I Still Love MyungBoYoung http://www.imideo.com/image/3a7887dc083c2a55dacfc56032674f5c/148553 http://www.imideo.com/image/b848f5b76738f8e5b79dae3ca64e94dc/148554 Yes, that’s my nickname for this trio and I will stick with it. As I’ve said before, they have a very good friendship with Myung Soo and Bo Na not being afraid to tell Young Do how it is. He actually responds to them in a non hostile way and sometimes acknowledges when they’re right. Myung Soo tells him what many have been thinking: If Eun Sang isn’t his first love, then Tan is. Ha! Then gives scenarios that usually end up with Young Do giving himself a sad ending. This is something to take note of. One of my favorite moments is when Bo Na hands him her party invitation and he scoffs at it. He starts off with “Oppa is telling you this because I care..” and tells her that it’s just a way of saying you’re an idiot. Bo Na takes back her invitation. Haha!