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"Minzy admitting that she got plastic surgery on her nose" --- 2NE1 Minzy admits to the question "What's your secret to getting prettier recently?" with the confident answer, "I got my nose done." Minzy: "I suffer from Rhinitis as well, so during my time off I got my nose done with my parents' & doctor's suggestion." Minzy: The doctor said my nose was crooked, causing worse symptoms and suggested surgery to correct it, so I did. Minzy: People around me have been asking me about my different appearance. I can't hide things so I really wanted to announce it. MINZY: "My mom suggested that while I was getting Rhinitis correction, I should also get plastic surgery to make my nose prettier." MINZY: I was scared to talk to Ceo Yang about getting my nose done since he's always been quite against plastic surgery but he said "Gummy & Wheesung once suffered from Rhinitis, too. Let's follow through w/ your mother's suggestion". --- source: ITS FINE FOR ME :)) SHE ADMIT THAT SHE HAD NOSE SURGEY ALTHOUGH SHE KNOWS THAT PEOPLE ARE GONNA TALK ABOUT HER. I ADMIRE HER :) #PROUDBLACKJACK