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Sunggyu - How Come I Didn’t See It Before?

Sunlight streamed through the glass enclosed hallway, seven men emerged from behind a metal door, the door slightly closing between each man before the next man pushed the door slightly wider while the door protested to close after every single one. Once everyone had exited the practice room, the door closed behind them as their thunderous footsteps cantered down the tile floor before them. Laughter and smiles filled the space around them, sunlight danced off of their shoes and exposed legs as they all headed towards the company’s entrance.
“We should go somewhere for dinner tonight!” Dongwoo suggested, walking backwards to face the other members in Infinite

“Where should we go?” Sungyeol questioned, accepting the suggestion that Dongwoo gave.
“Wing World has a lot of cute girls” Woohyun suggested with a shrug of one of his

“We don’t want to go to a place that is going to scar young eyes” Hoya teased, covering Sungjong’s eyes with his hands.

“Yah! I am a man, I am not a child” Sungjong swatted at Hoya’s hands as laughter echoed from the group of seven.

“We would hate for Myungsoo to go back into his shy shell” Sunggyu pushed open one of the front doors and held it for all of the six remaining members

“Who says that I would by shy around those women?!” Myungsoo spat back with a light blush already filling his cheeks with color. “I think that you would be more shy than I would” Myungsoo attempted to turn the spotlight away from himself.

“Oooooooh” The group sang together

“Yah! I wouldn’t be shy!” Sunggyu puffed out his chest as he followed behind the group.

“I guess that it is settled then!” Dongwoo beamed, clapping his hands together in victory.

Loading into a van, they all claimed their seats as they informed the driver where they were heading for dinner. Pulling out into traffic, each of the members slowly pulled out their phones as they occupied themselves for the drive ahead. Silence filled the van as some of the members had slipped earbuds into their ears, their heads lightly bobbing to the beat. Pulling up next to the curb, the van slowed to a stop as the door unlocked and the rear passenger door opened.

Bidding thanks to the driver, the seven men filed out of the van as they gathered on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and bar. Dongwoo happily skipped with Sungjong up to the front doors, pulling the two front doors open, the other five filed into the restaurant. Sweet smells ignited their senses while their eyes scanned the empty tables, finding one in the corner where everyone could sit together they moseyed over and took their seats.

A petite waitress made her rounds before she approached the table to where Infinite chose to sit.

“Welcome to Wing World, I am your waitress Chi Tae, if you want to look over our menu I will come to collect your order in a few minutes” She passed out the stack of menus filling her arms.

Hushed thank yous were whispered as she placed the menu’s in front of each member. Bowing, the waitress made her exit as the guys opened their menus slowly while some of them watched the waitress head to a few other tables before making her way to the back.

“She was really really cute…” Woohyun whispered as he tried to be discreet about checking out the other waitresses that worked there.

“There are a lot of cute girls that work here…” Myungsoo smiled as he lowered his eyes to his menu in an attempt to keep his blush at bay.

“Wait… doesn’t ______ work here?” Dongwoo questioned, his head snapping to look at Sunggyu, sitting across the table. Everyone’s eyes turned towards Sunggyu as he humbly nodded.

“Do you know if she is working today?” Sungyeol began to search for you as he watched each waitress intently.

“Why don’t you go and talk to her!” Sungjong encouraged with a gentle tap on Sunggyu’s arm.

“I don’t know…” Sunggyu shrugged his shoulders, trying to not seem too interested.

“Come on, she is gorgeous and is such a spitfire” Myungsoo smiles as he leaned forward across the table.

“What do you think of her?” Sungjong questioned as all eyes slowly turned to Sunggyu once more

Sunggyu licked his lips trying to find the right words to describe you, “I mean… she is… reserved and down-to-earth girl but… has a serious attitude to the world…”

“You’re saying that you don’t like her, do you?” Hoya inquired, his arms folding over himself as his closed menu rested upon the table.

“I mean…” Sunggyu began to speak as the waitress came back over.

“Here are your waters, I can take your orders now if you are ready” The waitress offered as she carefully placed water glasses in front of each member.

“I have one question” Sungyeol leaned forward as her eyes lifted to his.

“I have one answer” The waitress smiled as Sungyeol began to blush slightly

“Is _____ ______ working today?” Sungyeol glanced at Sunggyu, “He really would like to see her, they are old friends.”

“Ah!” The waitress cooed sweetly, “She is working today but she is with some costumers, when she isn’t busy I will send her over.”

“Perfect!” Sungyeol smiled as the waitress took out her notebook at the ready to take their order.

Jotting down their food orders, she smiled and ensured the guys that it wouldn’t be too long of a wait. Turning on her heels, she made her way back to the kitchen to put in her order, on her way she stopped and tapped your shoulder as you were printing out a receipt for one of your tables.

“Do you see that group of guys over there?” Tae whispered to you as she placed the order on one of the overhanging clips.

“Yeah, what about them?” You quickly glanced up as your fingers awaited the printing receipt.

“They apparently know you and they were wondering if you could make an appearance at their table?” Tae began to organize the menu’s behind the counter as an excuse to talk to you for a moment or two longer.

“They know me?” You lifted your eyes and took a gander at the group of guys, a small smile began to grow on your pursed lips.

“Go over and say hi” Tae nudged your shoulder, seeing the hint of a smile on your lips.

“I will, just let me drop this off at the table first” You slid the receipt into the small black notebook before rounding the counter and heading to the customers table first before making sure that they were taken care of before you quietly shuffled over to the table of seven.

Recognizing the faces as you closed in on the group of men, you ruffled the hair of one of the members while you halted at their table.

“_____!” The guys cooed your name in unison causing a bright smile to curl onto your lips.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you guys in a while” You slid your hands into your apron and shifted the majority of your weight to one of your feet while cocking the other.

“We came here to kidnap you! You’re working too hard!” Sungyeol beamed with a gummy smile shining from ear to ear.

Sticking both of your hands out and holding them together, one of your bright smiles matched his, “You’re free to take me.”

“Okay then” Dongwoo stood up and came over to you, trying to make an escape his arms wrapped around your waist, laughter spilled from your lips as he lifted you up and returned you to the table.

Sitting in between Dongwoo and Myungsoo, you rested your hands on the table as if you were going to interrogate them, “So… what brings you here?”

“We were hungry and Sunggyu wanted to see you” Hoya spat across the table, his sweet smile showing between his lips while his brown eyes moved to Sunggyu who gave him a death glare.

Moving your gaze from Hoya to Sunggyu, you couldn’t help but smirk at the most attractive of member in your eyes. Kim Sunggyu.

“He has a point” Sungjong chimed in as Sunggyu shot him a glare while a hiss slipped between his teeth. You eyes continued to reside on Sunggyu until your name filled the restaurant.

“I-I have to go, it was nice seeing you guys, we should get together sometime outside of our work hours” You suggested as Dongwoo stood up so that you could slid past him. Waving to the guys as your goodbye, you trotted to the back.

Sunggyu followed you with his eyes as your hair swung from side to side with every stride.

“Hey, I think she likes you” Myungsoo smiled as his fingers played with a napkin that resided on the edge of the table.

“What makes you say that?” Sunggyu picked up an advertisement that rested on the table, averting his eyes from the six pairs that eventually all landed on him.

“She ruffled your hair, man” Woohyun leaned closer to Sunggyu, “That obviously says something, I mean she touched your hair.”

“You don’t even allow that much ruffling from the coordi noona’s” Sungjong added quietly

“And she kept glancing at you” Sungyeol added while batting his eyes trying to imitate a girl hopelessly in love, earning and shove from Sunggyu.

“And? Girls glance at us all the time” Sunggyu tried to reason.

“Yeah but she had that look in her eyes” Myungsoo added quietly

“What look?” Sunggyu questioned slowly falling utterly clueless as to what had just occurred.

“You know… that look that girls get when they are infatuated with someone, that undivided attention, that unbridled passion that is begging to be seen, that hope that he will like you back.” Myungsoo began to explain.

“You guys are in too deep” Sunggyu chuckled as he leaned back in his chair, hooking one of his arms over the back of his chair as his torso twisted to compensate for the position.

“I don’t know, maybe you are just in denial” Woohyun shrugged his shoulders.

“There is only true way to find out” Dongwoo patted the top of the table lightly with his hand

“How is that?” Sunggyu was now just amused as to what the other guys were spitting his way.

“Ask her out on a date” Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya and Sungjong all suggested at once

“Psh, you want me to ask that reserved down-to-earth girl with a serious attitude towards the world out? You have to be joking.” Sunggyu giggled with an uneasy smile showing on his lips.

“Yes” The rest of them sang in unison

“Here you are” The waitress returned with their orders of food.as the guys attention turned towards the food and off of the topic of girls.

Returning home after dinner, the guys went their separate ways, some grabbing their laptops while others put in a movie to watch. Sunggyu moseyed back to his room, the interaction at the restaurant with you reeling through his mind on replay, his members words echoing as his thoughts began to ebb away as his fingers unlocked his phone and lazily searched for your number.

Finding it easily in his phone, your name almost haunted him as it sat there on the lit screen, your number was a lighter shade of grey  right below your name as he opened up a new text message with your name as the recipient.

Searching for the right words, his thumbs aimlessly typed various openings to try and start a conversation with you. Pressing his fingers on the delete button, the words disappeared as he then started fresh and wrote something else. Repeating the typing and deleting actions over and over again, Sunggyu laid back on his bed as his phone rested next to him, his arms sprawled out beside his body. A frustrated sigh spilled from his lips as he wanted to text you but not knowing what to say.

Time ticked on as he finally picked up his phone and opened one of his social media apps. Searching your name, he found your profile and began to look through the pictures. With time, a bright broad smile curled on his lips, focusing in on your smile and your eyes that always were so animated and lifelike. Almost as if they brought a special light into every moment that you were present.

Building up the courage, he returned to his texting app and entered your name into the recipient line.

I hope you had a good rest of your day at work, I just wanted to say that it was really good to see you today. -Gyu

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes for a moment while his thumb hit the send button. His heart failed to cease the rapid beating within his chest awaiting a reply from you. Focusing on faint word at the bottom of the colored conversation bubble it changed from sent to read.

A bubble appeared as three dots began to work in a pattern, indicating that you were typing on the other end.

It was really good to see you too! We should catch up sometime, just the two of us?

The sent message appeared on Sunggyu’s phone as his eyes read over your entry. A smile curled onto his lips for a second before he shook it away. An anxiously nervous feeling began to arise in his stomach as his fingers froze. Grasping at every word he could think of, he had a hard time formulating a response.

I’d really like that, how about you text me when you are free and we can get together? - Gyu

Watching those dots dance, he tapped his thumbs on the side of his phone, wondering if he was too bold.

That would work for me! What would we do?

Anything you have wanted to do? -Gyu

I could surprise you? If that is okay that is…

Go for it! - Gyu

Alright, I will let you know :) I have an early morning, so can I talk to you later?

Sure, have a good night - Gyu

Standing up from his bed, a bright smile shined on his lips while he kept hold of his phone. Shuffling out of his bedroom, he made his way to the kitchen for a drink

“Someone’s happy” Myungsoo sang, lifting his eyes from his notebook with chicken scratch between the lines.

“He must be talking to someone” Hoya teased, pulling one of his earbuds out of his ears and glancing up at Sunggyu while he pulled a bottle water out from the fridge.

“Was it, _____?” Sungyeol chimed in as Sunggyu froze for a slight moment.

“It was!!” Songjong bounced with his angelic smile instantly shining.

“W-What makes you so sure?” Sunggyu questioned while he twisted off the cap of his water.

“Who else would you be texting?” Woohyun padded out from the hallway and took an empty chair in the living room.

“Sooooo what was said?” Dongwoo leaned over the back of the couch while all eyes slowly turned towards Sunggyu awaiting the anticipated story.

“I just texted her and said that it was so nice to see her and then she said that we should catch up sometime.” Sunggyu shrugged his shoulder trying to make it not seem like a big deal.

“Did you set something up?”, “What are you going to do with her?” Questions were thrown around by the members becoming all jumbled before hitting Sunggyu’s ears.

“She said that she would contact me when she is free” Sunggyu held up his hands in defense.

The feeling in the room deflated as the guys sunk back into their seats.

“Well that killed any chance…” Hoya bluntly stated

“W-What do you mean?” Sunggyu stammered his eyes widening

“The ball is in her court, most likely she won’t text you to go do something because she doesn’t want to initiate anything” Woohyun explained simply, sitting back in his

“It will be a miracle if she texts you back and wants to do something” Myungsoo quietly added

“Yah, she is different from the other girls that you guys have dated” Sunggyu defended as he muscles tensed.

“All girls are the same” Sungyeol shook his head, unpausing his video game that he was playing.

The room gradually fell silent, Sunggyu retreated to his room and rested on his bed. Pulling up the conversation again, he reread it over and over a few times before setting his phone aside for the night.

Several nights later, the seven guys lazily shuffled into their apartment after an extremely long week in the studio. Going their separate ways in the large apartment, moving towards his bedroom a message buzzed Sunggyu’s phone just as he pushed open the door and tossed his gym bag on the ground next to his bed. Digging for his phone in his pocket, he pulled it out and entered in his passcode, tapping the unread message he eased himself down on the corner of his bed while his eyes read the following message.

Are you free for the evening?

I’m off work now, what do you need? - Gyu

A movie watching buddy…

What movie are you planning on seeing? - Gyu

You will see once you come over

Do you want me to bring anything? - Gyu

Nope, just bring yourself. I mean you don’t have to come but if you would like to…

Lifting his eyes it didn’t take long to come up with his choice.

“Maybe he isn’t coming…” You sighed to yourself, pushing the play button on the movie, sinking into the couch you  lifted a glass bottle to your lips. The cool glass hit your warm lips as the liquid inside coated over your tongue. Sipping on the alcoholic drink, you watched the movie begin as the credits rolled at the beginning of the movie.

Just as the scene was being set, a knock echoed from your front door. Looking in that direction, you quickly sat up and paused the movie, placing your phone and drink on the coffee table in front of you before rising to your feet and shuffling over to the door. Twisting the lock slightly then the handle, your eyes curiously peeked around the corner.

“Sunggyu… you came?” You whispered in shock seeing him standing there outside your door.

“Of course I did, I’m not going to reject an invitation from a friend” Sunggyu smiled bashfully

“Oh so I am friendzoned now…” You smiled, leaning up against the door frame while you teased him a little, “I see how it is”

“That’s not what I meant…” Sunggyu shook his head while he dropped his head.

“Come on in friend” You moved aside so Sunggyu could come inside. Closing the door behind him you could see the smile curl on his lips while his eyes scanned your humble home. “I just started the movie, it is a minute or two in.”

“Oh perfect, what movie are we watching?” Sunggyu questioned as you headed over to your spot on the couch with Sunggyu following close behind.

“I just randomly chose one” You smiled as you rounded the couch, folding your leg under yourself you sat down on the couch.

Leaning forward, you pressed the play button as the couch cushion dipped underneath Sunggyu taking his seat next to you. Setting the remote on the table and grabbing your alcoholic drink instead, you turned towards Sunggyu seeing him sitting on the edge of the cushion.

“Would you like a beer or a drink?” You questioned turning your attention to him as his eyes watched the beginning scenes of the movie.

“I’ll take whatever is in your glass” Sunggyu gave you a sweet smile as you nodded, standing up you moved into the kitchen and poured him the drink you were currently drinking.

Returning to him, you handed him the glass as you resumed your position on the couch. Your arm rested over the bottom hem where your white V-neck t shirt met your tighter fitting grey sweatpants. Out of the corner of your eye, you watched Sunggyu take a small sip as he slowly started to become more comfortable in your presence with time.

Time continued on as the two of you finished your first glass, pouring seconds, the two of you began to laugh and joke about the film that was playing. A low budget horror movie played after the first movie finished, allowing the two of you to predict what was going to happen. Laughter filled the air between the two of you as a third and four glass was emptied in your hand. Pouring your fifth glass, you sat back against the cushions as you took in a deep breath while your fingers traced the glass lightly. Sunggyu turned his head as he saw you comfortably sitting next to him.

“You know what?” You turned your head to Sunggyu and watched his hair perfectly fall over his beautiful curved ears. His soft jawline lead to his pink lips while he sweetly smiled at you.

“What?” He allowed his eyes to curve upwards while his smile increased with every passing second.

“I can’t remember the last time that I have had a friend come over to watch a movie with.” You told him, your body began to sway from side to side.

Sunggyu smiled as he leaned back into the cushions of the couch as he listened intently, “Especially handsome friends like you, Kim Sunggyu.” You remarked moving closer to him as blush began to fill his cheeks.

“I think you have had a little too much to drink” Sunggyu carefully rested his glass on the coffee table before reaching over and holding his hand open to accept your glass too.

“Too much? I think it was the right amount” You shrugged your shoulders as you handed him your glass. Setting your glass next to his, his eyes turned back to the tv screen to watch the movie for a few more minutes.

Watching the plot begin to thicken, the darkness of night fell over your home as only the soft yellow light of a lamp dimly lit the space. Peering over at you, Sunggyu noticed your eyes closed and your body beginning to fall to one side and then right itself. Finding you more charming and cute beyond compare, he slid closer to you while you began to lean towards him.

Lifting his hand, he carefully guided your head down on his shoulder, he looked down at you with your eyes still closed, your arms lightly laid over your body while your legs were folded under you. Your hair framing your beautiful sleeping face and features. Grasping a blanket from an armchair not far away, he pulled the blanket over you careful not to wake such a sleeping beauty.

Feeling you nuzzle into his shoulder, he froze for a moment until you let out a content sigh, a smile pulled on his lips seeing you so peaceful and vulnerable. His heart began to pick up its pace seeing the real, the beautiful, the perfect you. Checking up on your throughout the rest of the movie, he made sure to lower the volume in an attempt to not wake you. The warmth of your body against his kept him company, while your breathing soothed his heart.

Eventually, the final credits rolled to the movie as Sunggyu leaned forward and grasped the remote. Turning off the tv, he turned his attention to you still sleeping on his shoulder. Adjusting himself slightly, he slid his hand underneath your head and cradled you while he laid you down amongst the cushions of the couch. Moving a pillow underneath your head, he stood up and picked up the empty glasses and set them on the counter in the kitchen.

Tidying up a bit, he wanted to buy himself time allowing you to wake up so he didn’t walk out on you without saying goodbye. Shuffling back over to your sleeping figure engulfed within the couch cushions, Sunggyu knelt down next to the couch. Gazing at you, he lifted his hand up gently and brushed some hair away from your eyes, tucking it behind your ear. A clear thought came through his clouded mind as he carefully leaned forward, closing his eyes, his lips gently pressed against the soft skin of your cheek. HIs fingers gently ran through strands of your hair as he pulled away from the soft, lingering kiss.

"How are you so beautiful, so perfect?” Sunggyu whispered, his fingers lightly petting your hair, “How was I so blind to see you like this?”

Taking a moment, he continued to watch you, taking in your breaths with the rise and fall of the blanket encasing your figure.

“I wish I didn’t have to leave, I don’t like leaving without saying goodbye…” Sunggyu began to talk with you, his heart opening up slowly to allow you in.

“You can stay” Your slurred whispered words cut through the pause between his words. “Please stay”

Opening your eyes slightly, you saw him kneeling in front of you, his warm touch pouring over you with each light stroke of his fingers in your hair.

“Are you sure?” Sunggyu questioned wanting to make sure.

A smile curled on your lips as you slid your hand out from under the blanket. Patting the couch, you nodded your head against the pillow while whispering, “I am sure. I don’t want you to leave.”

“Don’t you worry, I’m not going anywhere.” Sunggyu whispered as he leaned forward once more and lightly presses another sweet kiss against her forehead as he watches her drift back to sleep.
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What is Sungkyu Known For?
Hello my fellow Inspirits! I apologize that Snuggy day is a little late. I have been sick this week, but better late than never, right? This week is all about what the members of INFINITE are known for. Our dearest leader Sungkyu is known for being the Grandpa of the group. It's one of his nicknames in fact. Let's take a look at why, shall we? His argumentative, spaced out, slow to react, easily annoyed, sleepy nature is a classic example of why Sungkyu is considered the grandpa of INFINITE. He looks like he's sleep walking, doesn't he? Even with puppies in the room, he'd rather be sleeping. He may be the grandpa, but it's one of the things we love about Sungkyu! I wouldn't trade it for the world. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED OR REMOVED FROM TAGLIST TELL US >>>HERE<<< ODD SPIRIT MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @Helixx @PolarStarr @awkwardjazzy @InfinitySky @MelissaGarza @stefaniTre BEAST MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @MelissaGarza @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @KenyaMendoza @axosrain @Helixx MELODY MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @IsoldaPazo @MandyNoona @Bangtanss @MelissaGarza @Helixx BANGTAN'S ARMY MOD SQUAD: @PolarStarr @LemonLassie @IsoldaPazo @Bangtanss @SkyBlast @Helixx @mbg3t VIXXEN MOD SQUAD: @JiyongLeo @resavalencia @AimeeH @LemonLassie @StephanieDuong @turntuptae @JordanShuler @awkwardjazzy @adritae @xoxorittie @InfinitySky @ChaErica @CrookedShadow @Helixx BIGBANG MOD SQUAD: @KwonOfAKind @lovetop @catchyacrayon @BBxGD @Helixx @WendyNegrete @phxcur93 CHOCO CONE CREW: Jiji- @JiyongLeo Helixx- @Helixx Mandy- @MandyNoona Stef- @StefaniTre Stephanie- @StephanieDuong Sol- @IsoldaPazo Lemon- @LemonLassie Vinny- @twistedPuppy Aimee- @AimeeH Stephany- @Stephany123 Michelle- @Bangtanss Emily- @ercurrent SAVAGE THUNDER MAFIA: @ashleyemmert @ElleHolley @NasiaWright @Isolate @EliseB @sarabear1021 @Lexxcisco @JessWang90 @Nadinerrz @jaiipanda @DianaBell @twistedPuppy @ScarletMermaid @narutobandgeek @KaiLuhan4ever @Helixx @Isabellaelliott @KhrystinaLee @ChubbyDumpling INSPIRITS: @StefaniTre @Sailynn @PrincessUnicorn @Bangtanss @XxGummybear92xX @mitchix5 @EliStacy87 @CrookedShadow @kpopandkimchi @Lexxcisco @luna1171 @VeronicaArtino @YessicaCardenas @KarenGuerra93 @callmejessixa @Starbell808 @karinamiranda81 @MaggieHolm @jexicaInfiniteL 인피니트우린해피엔딩이아닌네버엔딩 "INFINITE It's not a HAPPY ending it's NEVER ending!"
Kpop Relatables for every Kpop fan. You do this too, don't lie.
Hey everyone! In honor of today being my birthday starting.. 3 hours ago, I have decided to post these relatable and fun kpop pictures I have found and wanted to share with you all. I wanted to make sure you all got a couple laughs and know that you are absolutely not alone in this community. I just found some of these while I was looking up kpop things( like I always do) and stumbled upon them. Thank you all for always being there and tagging me in things i may like. It always makes me feel wanted and like I'm part of something which is something I have always wanted. If any of you ever want to talk or let me know what you want me to post about, you can always message me or comment, my inbox is always open!! Enjoy guys!!! I'm pretty sure most, if not all of us have done this at one point or another. Even I did it yesterday when I watched the end of the dance for EOEO by Uniq when they are grinding on the floor- yes I literally said "I wish I could be that floor." This is true in a lot of ways. Having a bias sometimes does seem better than having a boyfriend. Having a bias as a boyfriend would be AMAZING!! But also I've set my boyfriend bar so high to match my bias, so that's one reason I will never have a relationship. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ! Am I the only one that does this? Ah eye smiles. They hit you right in the feels! The eye smile isn't iconic just because our idols are so adorable when they do it (although it is a big part of it) but it's that they happiness that shows on their face that makes their smiles huge and their eyes sink away to tiny adorable slits. Haha. I think we can all agree eye smiles are dangerous, heart melting things. Who do you think has the best eye smiles in kpop? ^ㅅ^ This couldn't be more true to me. What people who aren't kpop fans don't understand is, we have all joined together and not just became friends and fellow fans, but we have also become a family who support each other and each other's fandoms. Yet another statement that couldn't be more true. Before kpop, I wouldn't have met so many people both here and outside of the Vingle kpop community. Before someone mentions they like kpop i find it hard to take a lot of interest in them but once the word kpop comes up, I break into my kpop loving self. And a lot of the time, we become friends and continue to stretch kpop love across the world. These quotes just make me smile and are over all inspirational to me. I really enjoy how wise and knowledgable our idols are. They are more than people may think. I've heard people say, "yeah they are good at singing and dancing, but that's all they are good for." But we all know that's not true. Our idols rank high in sports, school, languages, performing and so much more, which makes me happy when I read these amazing words they say in their music and in real life. Being a kpop fan takes a special kind of person. We are able to look past the language barriers, the distance, the age differences, the unnecessary and sometimes hurtful remarks from others and still support and love continue to love Kpop and idols with all our hearts. No matter how hard it may be to be a kpop fan, international or not, we still stick it out and support that Hallyu wave all the way!!! As I said before, we have some of the most wise people as idols. This quote from CL makes me incredibly happy and I couldn't have said this better myself. I get bashed all the time by people I don't know, non-kpop friends and even my family always saying there is no point to listening to music that you can't understand, but what they don't understand is music truly IS universal. You don't have to know the words to a song to be able to jam to it. Honestly, since I'm so used to kpop, even though I can't understand what they are saying, it doesn't seem like a foreign language to me. So there is no point to the hating on kpop music and it's fans, because to us, we can enjoy the music just fine without knowing the words. And we are proud of it!! And yes, I have thought about this a lot before. My parents don't really get why I like kpop, but I even said to them, "it could be worse, I could be drinking, doing drugs, partying and hooking up with guys like most kids my age." But I don't really do that. My social life is just a relationship between me and my cell phone. And all of you of course. I really gotta get out more, but I like staying in and doing nothing. Who else has had this problem where your family just really doesn't get that this is a good thing and you could be doing MUCH worse things? This is just a relatable kpop thing that I thought many of you would know about and have also done. There are so so so many pictures of my biases on my phone of the EXACT SAME PICTURE!! I just never know if I had saved it or not. There are times where I'm like "I know for a fact that I have seen this picture," so I screenshot it and when I go through all of my pictures later on, It turns out I have seen it before (a few times apparently) and thought the same thing back then too, so I have multiples of the same pics. These are just things I feel that I want to happen just because I am a fangirl and I do honestly think I can end up with my bias someday. It's true. There have been times where I needed to focus on my studies so I tried to leave the kpop world and I couldn't even do it for a day, let alone forever. Kpop is just to Fantastic to even try to leave. Once we got you, you ain't ever gonna be able to leave. You're in for life. I've done it. I bet some of you have too. Kpop does take over your world, but it's actually a good thing. Since I became a kpop fan, my life has become better and I've met some really good and dependable people who can relate to me as well. Fangirling is my job though, besides my actual job... Yeah, international fans can relate. Being an international fan, you learn to make it work. One of the things we must make work is the distance and knowing we won't be able to see concerts unless we watch the fancams. And even though it's hard sometimes, fancams are fun to watch because there are so many from so many different angles and shows that it makes being an international fan easier. Find your bias idols and groups! Let me know who is your favorite!! The light stick oceans. "Only in kpop can you see the different colors of the ocean" I love kpop oceans; they are a life goal of mine, and I really hope to get to be in one one day. What about you guys? Have you been in a light stick ocean before? Which ones if so, and if not whose would you want to be in most? And lastly, the things that connect us are not only how crazy we are, but that we are all crazy together. Kpop has the ability to bring different people together and give them something in common that most people can never relate to. It makes me really happy when I randomly think about the people I have met from being into kpop and the thing I have learned. Since I started listening to kpop and learning about korea in general I've learned to be more considerate of people and to try and understand people more for what they like and not judge them for it. Kpop has absolutely changed my life for the better and I can't and don't want to imagine what my life would be like without it.