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✨ Monsta X Album Giveaway! ✨

Hi friends~

One of my dear friends is a big Monsta X fan, and when she came to Korea from Canada she decided she wanted to get into one of their fan signs. In order to do that, she had to buy quite a few albums and didn't want to take them home with her on the plane.

She gave me 4 albums that, to be honest, I don't have any use for so I wanted to give them away to the awesome Monsta X community here! The same friend also gave me a ton of Boys24 albums which I'll also be doing a giveaway for :)

Here's how to enter!

1. Comment on this card saying why you'd like to win~
2. Make a card about Monsta X (whatever you'd like) and use the hashtag #MonstaXGiveaway and I'll randomly choose from there on September 18 KST (one week from right now~)

What you'll win:

1 Beautiful Album!
I have 2 versions - the Beside version (blue) and the Brilliant version (silver) I will give them out randomly~
BUT PLEASE NOTE: the albums have been opened already (my friend was checking for her bias' photocard) but everything is still inside (photocard, booklet, CD, stickers) however, the outside of the album might contain slight scratches. They're barely noticeable and I tried to take a photo of them but they dont come out on camera. It's on the shiny part of the album which seems to be prone to scratches. When I ship them I will be sure to cover them in cling wrap plus get a padded envelope to prevent any damage while shipping :)

I'll ship to any country^^

So if you'd like to enter, leave a comment and be sure your card goes in the #MonstaXGiveaway tag :)

Oohh, sounds fun!!! Good luck to everyone who enters
I would love to win this album because Monsta X is one of my top three groups. I've loved them since I first found them back in July of 2016. Hero was the first song I heard from them and I absolutely fell in love with them. But I knew I truly love them and chose the right group to ult when they stood up to MBC stealing their dance break for Sorry Sorry and they made a live out of it. So, now my little sister is really into them because I talked about them so much. We are both complete trash for them and I would share the album with her so that we can both jam out to them together 😄🙌🙌
I love Monsta X. We got up at some ungodly hour just to drive to the venue and wait all day to buy our Monsta X tickets for the Atlanta concert.
I would love to enter. I've been Monsta X fan awhile and still don't have an album
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