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Just Keeping Y'all Up To Date on Korean Memes

My boyfriend showed this to me over the weekend and its seriously taking over Korea.

Tropicana recently released a few commercials for their sparkling juice, and it has become one of the biggest memes in Korea right now. It's even been featured on SNL!

Before you watch it I must warn you: This will be stuck in your head for DAYS.

Like, it's literally on the news LOL It's sort of becoming like Korea's rick rolling :)

On streaming sites, people can send famous streamers links to watch if they donate money and they now almost ALWAYS involve this video to basically torture the streamers haha

But it turns out, the girl and the choreo are from a Kpop girl group called MOMOLAND!

Here's their non-EDM remix ;)

You're welcome LOL

Right, I have Heechul stuck in my head and now this! I sing it at work and everyone just stares.
Lol, I still got Heechul's commercial stuck in my head
omg once i got that ad before watching this youtube video and it was torture hahahhahahha
JooE being quality meme material is how I got more into Momoland
She's soooo into the dance moves. And what is this about Heechul's commercial?
Heechul did a commercial featuring IOI's song Pick Me
Greatness. I can already picture it!
ONG I love JooE, she looks like she's having fun (not like other girls *sigh*
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