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I haven't been a huge fan of this album. I realize, as most Em fans do, that this was a big deal, seeing as the first MM LP was pretty much Em's come up, along with the SS LP. Even though Em explicitly denies his music becoming mainstream/pop in this song, I can't help but feel it's still true. BUT, this song is what I personally been waiting for from Em for a long time. G.O.A.T. was the beginning, and this is the prime time -- Em realizing his place as one of the best (selling and otherwise) rappers of all time. In it, we can see all of what we've loved about Em over the years -- a continuous theme of his previous songs, complex rhythms, clever bending of words to fit rhymes, all topped by a great melody and sick flow that is packed with the power I've personally come to expect from Em's lyrics over the years.