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Let me just say this is some amazing art work and I think it would be badass if this would happen hahah Zoro would be 10ร— as faster than he already is lol but with that being said... There a part of me that wouldn't want this because I know some where down the line ZORO will fight MIHOK and to be honest I want it to be like a straigh out sword fight no devil fruit abilities from either of them lol haki is fine but no devil fruit lol For neither if them hahah cause then people are going to be saying "oh he had advantage cause he has devil fruit powers" some BS like that lol so yeah what do you guys think?
and not to mention if luffy gets in the ocean agine zoro wouldnt be able to get him
dame that's true lol there both screwed ๐Ÿ˜‚
considering around half of the crew are already devil fruit users (4 out of 9), if Zoro becomes one then there wouldn't be enough people to save/carry them all if they fall into the water... but the drawing does looks awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž
I think it would be amazing if Zoro ate the SMILE zone fruit Momonoske ate, just because CLOUD DRAGON ZORO. Although I would have to agree with you that it would ruin future fights between Zoro an Mihawk. Question for you do you think that the zone cat fruit Zoro in the amazing drawing above is a stronger zone than Lucci's zone cat fruit
I think it would more so depend on who is stronger now... Zoro or Lucci
@BasquetKace that is a very good question It's hard to say which would be stronger because Lucci is more of a physical (technic) brawler fighter kind like Luffy but zoen type and Zoro as a zoen would be interesting cause hes more of a swords men so I believe Zoro would be better with hes speed while Lucci is more of raw power and speed too he's kinda balance lol it's hard to know lol but yeah that's my theory
I cant wait for Zoro and Mihawks next fight! I actually just rewatched their first fight/encounter a few nights ago!
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