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Are we getting a bromance between Tan and Young Do on the next episode of Heirs? Is this at what the spoiler stills are hinting? Is this brawl between the two boys’ bodyguards? A continuation of a war between the two heirs? Or has Young Do come to Tan’s rescue, who appears to be forcefully secured by his dad’s bodyguards? Is he helping Tan escape? Nothing but questions, but please, let it be so!!! Let Young Do’s new, ungeled hair come with a better and likable person. P.S.: Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin … daaayuuummm!
ga! with these tall, lanky, knock out looks n hairdone, bromancing has never been that gooooood!!
the part when they will actually comeback tgthr wd be when someoone else tries to harm one of them they will stand up for each other bcs ur relationship w ur friend bcms enemy is like hate and love u cd say whatever hit him or whatever but u won't tolerate someone else trying to harm ur friend and this is the part i am waiting 2 c :) <3 i love them <3
young do still handsome in hair new look