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saying goodbye to a good drama is definitely hard... sad but happy... next week will be the ending for MHIYD... last 2 episodes guys... this drama, although it didn't get a high rating, it's really good... i can understand shin's decision to let go of na mae rie..it was pure unselfish.. when he knew what will happen in the future, he let her go.. sacrificing his love for her in order for her to have a better future without him.. noble idiocy... when all he has to do is change his attitude and avoid the things that the ahjumma told him about what happens in the future... i loved and sympathized how park se joo is so in love with na mae rie.. he just won't give up... what se kyeong said was very true.. in order for the ahjumma to have a better future, a lot of people were hurt.. and weren't happy including na mae rie, kim shin, park se joo and herself.. i'm glad that oppa only has the 1st stage of cancer and not super serious and i hope to that he has a bright future.. what we are left now is just 2 eps next week.. the ahjumma went to the past and learned that it will change nothing at all... how sad can that be? se joo confessed again to na mae rie and park shin was about to sign the contract with the vice president of ntn... what will happen? na mae rie is not answering ahjumma's call so i'm betting she will call kim shin... waaaaahhhhh... and tell him all about what she learned... what do you think happens next?