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This is purely a fan service post for all Kim Tanโ€™s fans โ€“ The Many Faces of Cheeky Kim Tan in just one episode, LOL! This actor has played dorky and dangerous in Boys Over Flowers. He plays an architect that dresses gay enough to be mistaken as gay (LOL!). He has also played a dorky playboy alias cool vigilante in City Hunter and he has played a heartbroken stoic legendary historical figure in Faith. Each characters he has portrayed since BOF times have not shown me a Lee Min Ho as playful, mischievous looking and cheeky as Kim Tan. So bravado to Lee Min Ho for taking his career to the next step when it comes to displaying intricate facial expression, emoting through expressive eyes and controlled acting.
@divalycious your ryt i love lee min ho so much...he is my only one oppa...hehehe...
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love everything he does ^^ :*
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really cute, handsome korean men..
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@divalycious this is cool and funny. #4 photo,that episode/scene was so hilarious. I can't stop smiling until now . ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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