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CN BLUE : POSING WITH BABIES for "Letters from Angels" campaign
In the annual "Letters from Angels" campaign, photographer Choi Sei Hyun photographs Korean celebrities with babies who have been given up for adoption. The photographs are intended to remove some of the stigma around adoption and encourage domestic adoption in South Korea. Not only is it an admirable cause, but it also creates the perfect excuse to gaze at beautiful people holding beautiful babies. [A 10-year promise to meet] One day, dad, uncle and brothers meet. Unfortunately, we will part for now. However, we shall meet again, 10 YEARS LATER. CN Blue’s promise, from Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin. [Kang Min Hyuk, an angel and a promise] CN Blue Min Hyuk in the eyes of an angel. They hold hands and make a promise to meet again. if they weren't cute enough ... omomomomomomo
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@tyta468 I'll never leave FL to live in another state! I moved to another city that's closer to my job and I'm an apprentice to out tailor. she is teaching me everything she knows about sewing and designing.
@StephiiKins ..wow is awesome. now you can desiging everything according &how you like it.then is another source of make money..good luck girl.
@tyta468 ... CN Blue n other celebrities are part of the "Letters from Angels" campaign that promotes adoption