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I'm going to take a minute or two to tell you about one of the loves of my life: Lee Jooheon (์ด์ฃผํ—Œ) A Few Reasons Why Jooheon Has My Heart: 1. His Sweet Smile and Dimples Like, have you seen this man smile?? It's like you're being blessed with a dimpled ray of sunshine. Seeing him smile or even hearing him laugh makes my heart so happy that I want to cry (really). I can feel the warmth of his heart in his smile and brings me so much happiness knowing he's happy. 2. His Cute Fashion Sense This man has such a quirky, cute fashion sense and I always look forward to airport shots from fansites to see what look he's serving that day. The last one is just so fabulous. I also don't have that many airport photos of the boys rip 3. His Naturally Cute Disposition I literally can't comprehend how a person can be sooo naturally cute. Like, why couldn't I be blessed with being so cute? I'm pretty sure Jooheon has all the cuteness in the world?? I want to poke his dimples and squish his cheeks. 4. His Cute Bromance with Changkyun Ever since the end of No Mercy, these two pups have been close. You can just see how much they love one another as brothers and best friends. I have to literally grip my chest whenever I see them being cute together. I love both of my babies very much. There are sooooooo many more reasons why I love this sweet, sweet man, Jooheon. But, I would be here until death talking about all the reasons why. Byeeee, loves! Bonus Photo I Absolutely Love of Jooheon! Just so handsome and angelic I weep
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Monsta X Hello!! It's been a while since I've posted a card. If you couldn't tell, this post will be about MonstaX. First up, it's so adorable how considerate of Monbebes they are. I have watched several videos of these boys making food, making little packages to hand out, opening a Monsta X cafรฉ, and many more considerate acts for us Monbebes. These boys truly are amazing. Next up, members! No, not a member profile. I thought sharing some pictures of each member would be nice. First up, my bias of Monsta X: I.M! I.M. is handsom, cute, and silly. I love how he can be 'cool guy' one second and then change to cute and silly the next. His looks are also amazing, and I must say, he looks fine in those glasses! Alright, now for my second favorite member: Shownu! This man looks so cuddly. Sure, he's got muscles and looks really manly, but his smile is just so adorable. I really do love this man's smile. Now, for the rest of the members I will just put them down without any order of favorites. I can't bear to say which ones are 3rd-7th because they are all amazing and exude their own charms. So I shall go with: Jooheon Jooheon is an amazing person. Not only did he try to chase after his dream, but he attempted to chase after his dream with his friend #Gun (SharpGun). I really admire him for it, and love how thoughtful he is. He may appear to be cotton candy, but he more than just cuteness. Next up will be: Minhyuk This boy really is something else. He is an amazing singer, dancer, and he can draw/paint! He is a bubbly person and you would never want to see him cry because it would break your heart. Although he looks all cute and cuddly most the time, there are times when he can be manly. For example, the picture of him with the scissors on his blue shirt (the 3rd picture I posted of him). Now for: Hyungwon Gosh! He is a freaking model! It seems as if he knows no bad hair days. Hyungwon is adorable. Especially when around children. Personally, he is childlike to me. He may be tall, but he still portrays a childlike innocence. This is a compliment because I love this quality about him, although I am not saying Hyungwon is a child. Next up is: Kihyun Kihyun is stunning. His voice is beautiful and so is his face. Kihyun sorta reminds me of myself due to the fact that I catch him just singing whenever. I have this quality about me and am reminded of Kihyun. May I also add that Kihyun is also very attractive? Although he may not have model like qualities like Hyungwon, Kihyun is just as attractive as Hyungwon. Disclaimer, all of Monsta X members have outstunning looks and don't ever have to worry about their looks because they are perfect just the way they are (includes not wearing makeup). Alright. Now to show off the amazing: Wonho! The sophistication here is real. Okay! Wonho is greatness. His voice, looks, abs, and love of children are just parts of him that make him a wonderful person. He may act tough, but I love the fact that he isn't afraid to go outside his comfort zone. Yes, I did enjoy seeing him afraid of hieghts, but I also wanted to protect him and tell him that I admire his strength and courage to try something new. Bonus, here are some clips with Monsta X and children. Alright, and that's it for my card on Monsta X. Hope you enjoyed!! Signing off, KDramaKpop1015 Tagging: @caricakes
ASTRO Promotes Tampons/Pads and I Am Here for It.
Yep, ASTRO is officially the brand models for Secret Day, a company that makes feminine hygenie products aka menstral pads wooooo!!!! 'Secret Day' explained, "They were selected because they have this sincere image of a considerate boyfriend who understands their girlfriend." And I'm pretty sure you get photo cards too? Maybe? In which case, I'm looking forward to that time of month LMAO. Why do I think this is really groovy? Because periods have always been a thing that have been ~gross~ and make men feel ~uncomfortable~ (tbh its the mark of a truly awesome man if he's cool enough to go buy you pads when you need them) Having men promote the product, especially idols that are meant to be role models, might help guys realize that they should be understanding and if they have a special lady in their life, they should be there to get through the tough times (some of the commercials include ASTRO giving out chocolate which, at least in my personal case, is NECESSARY during that time of month hahahhaa) I think this is a really cool idea! And here's the behind the scenes: This comes right after a story that spread all through Korean news sites: A girl was sitting on the bus when she got her period unexpectedly, there was a small blood stain on her leg and a man who was standing next to her saw it. He "accidentally" spilled the strawberry milk he was drinking near her seat and apologized, giving her his jacket to cover the milk stain. โ€œIโ€™m sorry I spilled it. You can take my clothes and tie it around you before you leave,โ€ he said! A boy's friend posted about it online, the girl responded thanking him, and now that boy is a national hero lol! Boys who are man enough to understand menstration are my favorite boys hahahahah