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50가지 자녀 사랑법
1. 매일 아침 안아주라 2. 동물원과 놀이공원에 데려가 주라 3. 그들의 미술 작품과 상장들을 벽과 냉장고에 붙여두라 4. 가족만의 전통을 만들어라 5. 참으라 6. 짜증을 부렸다면 사과하라 7. 여행을 다니라 8. 술래잡기나 말뚝박기 같은 놀이를 같이 하라 9. 반창고와 간식거리를 늘 준비하라 10. 아이들의 장점을 파악하라 11. 칭찬해주라 12. 격려해주라 13. 인정해 주라 14. 하루 한끼 이상은 함께 식사하라 15. 속도를 늦추라 16. 개인적인 자유를 존중해주라 17. 귀를 기울이라 18. 화난 상태에서 야단치치 마라 19 일관성 있게 행동하라 20. "사랑한다"는 말을 가능한 자주하라 21. 어리석음을 인내해주고, 실수를 눈감아 주라 22. 결점을 받아들이라 23. 잘한 일은 상을 주라 24. 규칙을 분명하게 설명해주라 25. 자주 웃으라 26. 아이들이 좋아하는 식당으로 가라 27. 아이들의 친구를 집으로 초대하라 28. 아이스크림을 사 주라 29. 아이들을 위한 휴가를 보내라 30. 너그러워야 할 때와 엄격해야 할 때를 구별하라 31. 아이에게 좋은 추억이 될 만한 생일 파티를 연구하라 32. 책임감과 남을 존중하는 법을 가르쳐라 33. 사사건건이 아니라 필요할 때만 부딪치라 34. 창피하게 만들지 마라 35. 숙제를 도와주라 36. 보호해주라 37. 함께 추억을 쌓아가라 38. 약속을 존중하라 39. 필요할 때는 "안돼"라고 말하라 40. 소리 지르지 마라 41. 선물을 주라 42. 올바른 행동을 몸소 보여주라 43. 함께 기도하라 44. 아이들을 위해 중보기도를 하라 45. 아이들의 선생님과 대화하라 46. 자랑스럽다고 말해주라 47. 먼저 다가가라 48. 함께 별을 세라 49. 잠자기 전에 함께 기도하라 50. 날마다 축복해주라 #사랑#자녀#방법#엄마#부모#육아#유아#생활
What is adobe Photoshop?
Photoshop is a powerful image editing program created and maintained by Adobe. It was in/at the beginning released in 1990 and has since become a leader in photo editing software by providing advanced software capabilities to everyday consumers. 6 Advantages of Photoshop Photoshop is a powerful and popular image editing software that helps you easily apply various effects and get consistent results. Many people use this software to create a better quality image, as it has many features that are rarely available in other photo editing software. Using Photoshop software can have the following features: - Organized features Photos and videos can be imported into the software easily and quickly using Adobe Photoshop. Imported files are neatly arranged on the screen and thus can be easily handled. Editing tools and other features can be easily found with proper organization of the work area. Quick and Timing Most routine edits such as whitening teeth, adjusting skin tone, and removing red-eye can be completed with one click. A professional using Photoshop can complete your task within minutes, thus making it a preferred tool in many industries such as advertising, marketing, and web designing. Various photo editing options Professional Photoshop services can create the image as you want. All you have to do is to apply the right tool correctly. Photoshop has hundreds of options eg, enhance, crop, and blur, which can be used for better focus on the central element in the image. Advanced editing Can turn a picture of an average person into a model or zombie with professional Photoshop services. Many professional photographers use Photoshop photo editing to reduce defects and enhance the quality of their pictures. Aided Features Photoshop provides high-quality results with resizing, color correction, HDR imaging, and many more features. In at least to hundreds of tools in professional photo editing, Photoshop has also evolved into a 3-D image creator, video editor, and graphic designing software. Easy to Transfer Files created in Adobe Photoshop can be easily transferred between different programs through the Creative Suite. A graphic created in Adobe Illustrator can be added to an image in Photoshop, or a video made in Adobe Premiere can be easily added to it. Besides, post-processing can be done in Photoshop without losing any quality.