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Scarlet University

Chapter 9

*Hoseok perspective*

"What the hell nams?!" I shouted and close my eyes try to erase what I just seen.

"Have you heard of knocking?!" he shouted back and the third person was blushing as he tried to hide himself under Namjoon's bed covers.

"Fuck this shit, I'm going Yoongi's place instead and I swear if I see cotton candy boy there I'm going to lose my shit even more" I said as left namjoon's room. I still can believe he actually got that senior in his bed.

"Close the door!" Namjoon shouted as I left his room.

"You got legs use them or are you too busy with the senior?" I shouted back and ran outside the house so namjoon couldn't chase me. I quickly got into my car and drove all the to Yoongi's place. I parked my next Yoongi's car and got out. I headed into the Yoongi's house and I can say his house literally looks a like a true vampire house. With that pitch black paint and the over grown vines that where all over his house. His front porch has spider webs everywhere and his windows was ethier cracked or covered up with wooden boards. I teleported into his living room and there he was.

"Sup fellow freak, what brings you here?" Yoongi said as he was staring at the TV.

"The devils are in town and I was going hang at nams place but he is currently have fun that senior" I said as I sat on the other couch.

"Wait like that type of fun?" Yoongi asked he looked at me.

"Yup and I walk in on them" I said with disgust as that image pop up in my head. Yoongi laugh at me then stop as he realize he is the only one that hasn't had fun yet.

"I can believe that swagless vampire got to have fun before me" Yoongi grumbled and glared at the TV.

"Then why don't you get cotton candy boy?" I said as watching whatever he is watching on the TV.

"Because emo kid is always around him" Yoongi grumbled even more.

"So? Isn't he human too? Can you just kill him?" I asked and stare at yoongi who was still staring at the TV.

"The thing is there's something off about that emo kid and I don't like it. I mean you saw his eyes didn't you? When he was run towards us" Yoongi said and stared back at me with serious look.

"Yeah but it could of be the sunlight or something" I said as I was trying to figure out why he was being so serious about that emo kid.

"He natrue eye color is black and you think the sunlight made his eyes a bright red? Really hoseok?" Yoongi said with annoyance.

"But he smells human to me, so explain that to me professor Min" I said with the same exact annoyance.

"He's half human and half vampire" Yoongi said.

"How? I thought when you turn someone they become a full vampire?" I asked confused.

"Probably because who ever turned him didn't finished it, so he still smells like a human but he still needs to drink blood" Yoongi said.

"Then is he drinking cotton candy boys blood?" I asked.

"No, I would of be able to tell and I think cotton candy boy doesn't know about emo kid's secret" Yoongi said.

"How lovely a kid who is scared of vampires, yet his best friend is vampire and he doesn't even know" I said.

"How do you know he is scared of vampires?" Yoongi ask as he stared me down.

"I had my butler look up all their files" I said as I pulled out the same files from my jacket and drop the files onto the table. Yoongi looked at me surprised and picked up to the files.

"I impressed hoseok" Yoongi said as he read through the files.

"Weird" he said as he continued reading the files.

"what?" I asked

"There's nothing in here about emo kid be a half breed" Yoongi said staring at emo kid file with a confused looked.

"maybe they didn't know, I mean human doctor are stupid. They can't even tell a human from a vampire apart to save their lives" I said

"True" Yoongi said as he put emo kid's file down and pick other file.

"Hoseok did you read this?" Yoongi asked me.

"No, I was going to get nams to go over it with me but you know" I said.

"Looks like your toy has quite a record at jellyfish university and his parents are the Kims from Kim Corporation" Yoongi said he head me the file.

"What the hell?! How can a cute angel kid do this?!" I said in shock as read the jellfish university record.

"Looks like your precious angel isn't angel at all" Yoongi said with a smirk.

"Unbelievable" I said still in shock.

"I might take him from you, I mean he looks way fun more than cotton candy boy" Yoongi joked while reading cotton candy boy's file.

"Shut up!" I growled at him and he just laughs at me.

"I still can't understand this, how can someone like him start a huge riot and sent 20 people to the hospital?!" I said still confused at what I'm reading.

"I don't think it was him" Yoongi said.

"But its in his file hyung" I said.

"Its says he was a victim in the incident" Yoongi said as he pointed to the paper.

"He was pretty much being pushed around his whole life" I said as finished the file and put it down.

"I don't which one is worst angel kid or cotton candy boy" Yoongi said as he finished the file and put it down.

"So if I understand this correctly, emo kid was protecting cotton candy boy when his family was attack by rouge vampire but got half turned by the same vampire. Angel kid was pretty bullied his whole life and almost died at jellyfish university. His parents are owner of Kim Corporation but they hide their own child from the world" Yoongi said with a sigh as he rubbed his face.

"Why do these kid have such terrible back ground" Namjoon said as he appeared out of no where.

"You done having with that senior" Yoongi said.

"You told him!" Namjoom growled at me.

"Of course I told him" I said bluntly

"I'm going to kill you one of these days" Namjoon said as he was glaring at me

"Why you here you anyways?" Yoongi I asked.

"Because of a Hoseok, Jin was too embarrassed to continue are fun, so he left and was I'm here to kick Hoseok's ass" Namjoon said as glare at me. Yoongi and me just both started laughing at him.

"Shut it or I'll rip out your throats" Namjoon threatened and will both stop laughing.

"Such a swagless vampire" Yoongi said.

"Whatever" Namjoon mumbled and took a seat in arm chair.

"Anyways" I said as looking at the three files at the table.

"Maybe we can use these against them" Yoongi said as he return his focus on TV.

"What would we even get out of that?" I asked.

"Nothing is what you will get" Namjoon said as he reads the files for himself. I just stared at the TV and trying to processed this information about the angel kid, cotton candy boy, and emo kid. This is definitely going to be interesting year and I can't wait to see how it ends.

A/N: I hoped you guys enjoyed chapter 9 of Scarlet University and I hope you will leave some feedback for me!

A/N: Double Update! I thought I should at do that since I have updated in a while

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